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About Dog Food Smart

Welcome to our About Us page and thank you for visiting our website!

I’m Devin Smith, a dedicated dog lover with years of experience having dogs as a part of my family. I grew up in a household with dogs and have been passionate about them ever since. Over the years, I have owned and cared for a variety of breeds, from small lap dogs to large working breeds.

I believe that responsible pet ownership is crucial, and I always ensure that my dogs receive proper nutrition, exercise, and socialization. I have trained my dogs in basic obedience and have experience in dealing with common behavioral issues.

I understand the importance of regular veterinary checkups and vaccinations to maintain my dogs’ health, and I never hesitate to seek professional help if needed.

Apart from being a dog owner, I am an active member of the local dog community. I love to participate in dog-related events and activities and enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with other dog owners.

Our Mission

We want to help you find the best products for your dog so he or she can live a healthy and happy life! That’s why we test and review various dog foods, supplies, cameras, collars, and other supplies in order to make your life easier and your dog happier!

This is my beloved dog. His name is Kobe.