How Much To Feed A Rottweiler Puppy? 2 Week – 4 Week – 6 Week – 8 Week Old Rottweiler Puppies

Whether you are considering getting a Rottweiler puppy or already have adopted one, you will want to do the very best for your new friend. Knowing how much to feed a Rottweiler puppy is essential to the growth and development of your pup.

Rottweilers, as a breed, can have a tendency to be overweight, and even reach into obesity. You do not want that to happen to your sweet pup. Obesity comes with a slew of health problems that can wreck your pup’s quality of life or shorten it all together.

Here is everything that you need to know about feeding your Rottweiler pup.

How Much Should A Rottweiler Puppy Eat?

It is the most common question received about puppies: how much should the puppy eat? The exact amount of foods that your puppy needs is going to fluctuate. Puppies go through serious stages of growth spurt, where they will need to eat a lot. Puppies that are under 5 months old should be eating three meals a day.

The type of food can also affect how much your puppy should eat. High calorie foot with a lot of fillers do not have as much nutritional value as more natural foods. The amount they need really depends on the food as well.

Rottweiler Puppy Feeding Chart 

Rottweiler Puppy Feeding Chart

It is impossible to simply look at your Rottweiler puppy and know how much food that you should be feeding him. You really need to be careful about how much food you are feeding your puppy and how often you are feeding him. As we mentioned before, Rottweilers have a tendency to become obese, and you do not want to set your puppy up for life that way.

Remember that every pup is unique and if you have any question about whether this Rottweiler puppy feeding chart is appropriate for your furry friend, it is best to ask your veterinarian for input.

2 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

At 2 weeks old your Rottweiler puppy should be completely dependent on his mother’s milk still. There are rare instance where other food might have been introduced, but this is much too early to try something else. The puppy should still be with his mom.

Puppies will feed on demand as much as the mom will allow, so unless the puppy is not getting milk from his mom or if there are many in the litter and the puppy is left out, you should not try feeding him other food. 

4 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

At 4 weeks, your puppy will still be with his mom and nursing. You can start to introduce a little bit of dry puppy food at this age, but do not be surprised if the puppy is not interested yet or barely tastes it.

They are still little and their appetites will really begin to pick up in the next couple of weeks, so do not worry. If your pup is showing interest, you can give him a quarter of a cup, but he should still be getting his calories from his mother’s milk. You can try again next week if it doesn’t work yet.  

Rottweiler Puppy Food

6 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

By 6 weeks, your puppy’s interest in dry puppy food should be piqued. Most likely, the mother dog is separating herself a little bit from the puppies at this point, helping them begin the process of weaning.

If your puppy is solidly weaned by this point, you will need to start feeding him three times a day. Pups are still small at this point, so it will not take a lot of food. In total, your puppy might take one cup of food a day that has been divided into three separate meals.     

8 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

When a puppy is 8 weeks old, he will be ready to move into his new home, away from his mother. That means the puppy should be completely weaned at this age and relying on puppy food. Their tummies are still small, so you will still not want to feed him more than a cup of food a day that has been divided up between three separate meals.

If you are adopting your dog at this point, and are changing out the puppy’s food, you will need to do the change gradually to prevent stomach issues.    

Rottweiler Eating Schedule

10 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

By the time that your Rottweiler puppy is 10 weeks old, he should weigh somewhere between 20 to 30 pounds. You will likely start to see an increase in hunger at this age, which might be noted from your puppy nosing his bowl around. This is not always a sign of hunger; however, sometimes puppies just want more food because they want it.

A puppy that is more than 20 pounds at this point will generally need at least 3 cups of food a day that should be split equally between meals.

12 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy

A Rottweiler puppy that is 12 weeks old will generally weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, depending on the sex of the dog and genetics. This is an age of big growth spurts for puppies and you can expect to feed your puppy anywhere from 3 to 5 cups of food a day.

You will be able to physically tell if your puppy is over or underfed. You should be able to see a clearly defined waist for your pup, but you should not be able to see the ribs. You should feel the ribs easily under the coat, but they should not be protruding. Adjust your dog’s food as needed.  

Best Dog Food For Rottweiler Puppies

Best Dog Food For Rottweiler Puppy


#1. American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Puppy Dry Dog Food

Editor’s Choice

We have found that our choice for the best food for Rottweiler puppies is the American Journey Lam and Sweet Potato formula. This is an incredibly nutritious dog food that will help your pup with his everyday nutritional needs.

The dog food itself is grain-free, meaning it is devoid of any of the common allergens like corn, soy, and even wheat. The food is full of nutritious fruits and vegetables as well to give your growing puppy want he needs.

The food also is rich in Omega 3s and Omega 6s for good brain and coat development.

#2. Royal Canin Rottweiler Puppy Dry Dog Food


Our second place winner for the best food for Rottweiler puppies is the Royal Canin Rottweiler puppy food. This food is great, because it is made with the intent of providing everything that the breed needs to develop properly and help provide good longevity.

Even the shape of the kibble has been made with Rotties in mind as it is designed to be easy for them to pick up and will help encourage them to chew their food instead of swallowing it. It also has all of the best nutrients for Rottie pups, including formulae to help with muscle and bone development.

#3. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice

Another great choice for Rottie puppies is the Purina Pro Plan puppy food. This food is packed with flavour, encouraging picker eaters to enjoy their food. It also is loaded with great nutrients like DHA for brain health and calcium to help grow and develop teeth and bones.

The food also comes with live probiotics and antioxidants which will boost your puppy’s immune system and encourage positive digestion. The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken, so you will know that it is full of rich protein.

Best Food For Rottweiler

#4. Eukanuba Puppy Lamb and Rice Dog Food

For a puppy food that is made for optimal muscle and brain development, the Eukanuba Puppy Lamb and Rice dog food is a nice choice. This is a high-protein food that will ensure that your dog is gaining more muscle than fat as he is developing.

The food has a complete and balanced nutrition for all puppies, and has DHA for brain development. The calcium and phosphorus that are included will also help to strengthen your dog’s teeth and bones, improving his quality of life. It has the fat and carbohydrate levels that growing puppies really need.

#5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe

Blue Buffalo is known for their high-quality dog food, which makes the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe a great option for Rottweiler puppies. This is a high-protein food that does not have any grains, including corn, wheat, and soy.

The chicken is real chicken and should help to satisfy your puppy’s natural craving for meat. The high-protein element will help keep your puppy on a low-fat diet that encourages good muscle development. The food also includes LifeSource Bits, which is a precise blend of antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy immune system.

2 Month Old Rottweiler Puppy Weight

Your Rottweiler puppy should weigh between 13 and 18 pounds when he is 2 months old. The variety will depend greatly on the puppy’s natural tendency for size as well as whether your puppy is a male or a female.

There is also a predisposition for size with any dog, so the weight will also be influenced by that. Siblings can also grow at totally different rates. 

3 Month Old Rottweiler Puppy Weight

When your Rottie puppy has reached 3 months old, he might weight anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds. The variety is bigger between males and females by this point and you will continue to see that male Rottweilers are heavier than female Rottweilers are.

Your pup should stand around 18 inches tall at this point as well. As long as your pup is staying slim, you will not need to worry.

4 Month Old Rottweiler Puppy Weight

By the time that your Rottweiler puppy is 4 months old, he should weigh between 38 and 50 pounds. The weight different between male and female dogs is going to be even more apparent by this point and the gap is only going to continue to increase.

Even though the weights are different, you should not see a different in height between the sexes and both will stand around 20 inches by this point.  

How Much Do Rottweilers Grow Each Week?

How Much Rottweiler Grow

Before we jump into this, it is important to note that the growth rate between dogs is going to be extremely varied. Dogs hit different growth spurts at different times, even if they are from the same litter.

In general, your Rottweiler puppy should be gaining about 2.2 pounds every week until he has reached the age of 9 months. At that point, weight gain will start to slow down as your dog moves toward his more adult size.  

Switching From Rottweiler Puppy Food To Adult Food

In general, a Rottweiler puppy should be switched over to adult food when they’re around 1 year old. Puppy food is high in calories, which puppies need, but Rottweilers’ tendency to be overweight means that you do not want them on high-calorie food any longer than is necessary. When you start to switch foods, do it gradually.

The ratio is 75 percent of the old food to 25 percent of the new for a few days, then 50/50, 25/75, and finally you will be able to give your dog all the new food. A gradual transition will prevent stomach upset. 

What If My Rottweiler Puppy Won’t Eat

There are many different reasons that your Rottweiler puppy might not be eating his food. If you have recently brought your puppy home and he is refusing to eat, it is likely due to the stress of changing homes that is making him hesitate.

There is a chance that your pup does not like the taste of his kibble or that he has been fed human food and knows there is better stuff, but that is not very common. If your puppy is not eating and he was before, it is best to take him into the vet to rule out any medical issues.  

What Nutrients Does A Rottweiler Puppy Need?

The primary health concern for Rottweiler puppies is obesity. It is important to feed your puppy a well-balanced diet to encourage positive growth and a good weight. Puppies need food that is rich in calcium, which will help with bone growth.

Phosphorus is another nutrient to look for, because it binds with calcium to encourage healthy bone growth. You will also want to look for a food that is high in protein and low in fillers to ensure healthy development.  

Rottweiler Puppy Feeding Habits

Should You Feed A Rottweiler Puppy Supplements?

It can be incredibly tempting to give your puppy supplements to ensure that he is getting the nutrients he needs, but this is not a safe approach. The first line of defence is to make sure the food is healthy.

If you are concerned that your puppy needs a supplement, it is incredibly important that you speak to your vet before you do anything rash. Too much of a nutrient can cause as much trouble as too little, so proceed with caution. 

How Much Water Should A Rottweiler Puppy Drink?

While you want to limit your puppy’s intake of food, you do not want to limit your puppy’s intake of water. It is important that your puppy always have complete access to fresh water. The only exception to this is if you are house training, you will want to remove water at bedtime to help encourage a full-night’s rest. Otherwise, allow your pup to drink when he’s thirsty. Unless he’s not drinking much, you do not need to monitor intake.

How Much Exercise Does A Rottweiler Puppy Need A Day?

Rottweiler Health

Exercise is incredibly important to keeping your Rottweiler’s weight under control. You should have a regular exercise schedule in place to keep it simple. Puppies should not be taken for walks just yet, as they will tire easily.

Instead play with your puppy outside, allowing him to run and rest as needed. Good habits start early, so an active puppy can avoid becoming an obese puppy. Exercise your puppy at least twice a day, but only a little until his stamina improves.

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