Is It Good Or Bad To Shave Your Bernese Mountain Dog?

Your Bernese Mountain dog’s fur is a joy to behold. But, at the end of the day, it’s time to get your dog looking his best.

Follow this guide to learn how to groom your dog and learn whether you should be shaving this dog or not!

There are so many different breeds of dogs who are completely different, it can be difficult to know everything about them when you get one.

However, you should definitely be looking and searching for relevant information about your dog for their protection and keeping them happy and healthy in their life.

People don’t tend to think about these types of issues when they first get their dog but it is something that people do need to find out because their fur is very important. Find out more here.

Why Is The Coat Important?

Your dog’s coat is very important for both how they look and for their own protection.

The way it protects your pet is really from the natural elements in their everyday life.

You also need to be careful with double coated fur as it is different and needs to be treated differently when grooming.

It is also really important when it comes to temperature and temperature change.

As you might have noticed, they can have different fur throughout the year depending on the weather and the different seasons.

Therefore, they are there for a reason and you need to treat different types of fur differently.

Can You Shave A Bernese Mountain Dog?

NO, you should definitely not be cutting your own Bernese mountain dog at home mainly because of their double counted fur.

They will, over time, shed their natural fur over several months before Spring.

When this process happens, it is keeping the dog’s fur under control naturally.

However, if you start to shave them, it will mess up the control they already have and it will become messy and and will not be as cooling in the hotter months.

Therefore, it is also important for them to naturally be able to stay cool as well, which is why it is so important to know.

What Will Happen If You Shave Them?

If you start to shave your Bernese Mountain dog, it will not be the best decision for them because the hair will start to grow back differently and not as effective or beneficial.

Even if you leave it to grow for a long time after you shave it, it might never go back to how it was naturally.

You also need to think about the undercoat and how it will affect the texture of it.

Is It Good Or Bad to shave your Bernese Mountain dog?

The natural undercoat of this dog is usually very soft, but when you start shaving it, it will become far rougher, and it might not ever be as soft again because it has become damaged.

The damaged hair can even have some more negative effects for the dog because it can make it thinner making them more likely to be sunburnt in the hotter months.

This could then even lead to skin cancer for your pet in the future which you definitely want to avoid at any costs.

Best Tools For Grooming Them

There are many tools which can be used to groom your dog instead of getting the shaver out.

Even though some of these might take a longer period of time to do, they are far better for your Bernese dogs coats.

Shedding Blades

this is especially used for the undercoat and to remove all of the dead hair that needs to be removed.

The undercoat would have been shedding naturally and needs to be removed.


You should brush them weekly/daily to make sure that you are getting through both layers of fur.

You will also need to get rid of some of the knots and tangles which can build up as well from wearing harnesses and weather.

Scissors = You can also try and trim some of the top layer off which is growing out as well.

It is important to trim the top hairs as well as the under coat.


Overall when it comes to any of your pets, you need to be doing a bit of research and specific facts you need to know about to keep them comfortable and safe.

If you fail to do this then you can leave them very uncomfortable in their own skin as their behavior might start to change.

You can find all of this type of information across the internet and for the Bernese Mountain dog, the information here will help you understand your dog’s grooming more.

Every dog has a different type of fur and as the owner, you are responsible for protecting your pet and making sure they are happy and healthy.

This is not just about their diet and what they drink, but also about how you treat their protection layer of fur.

Their fur is their layer of protection which naturally grows in certain ways and you need to be looking after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Shave Your Dog’s Coat?

It all depends on whether your dog has double coated fur or not.

If you shave double coated fur, it can actually make them hotter and they will struggle to cool down as much!

However, you should think about brushing them more regularly instead with certain tools to make their circulation better.

Do Dogs Feel Bad When Shaved?

When you shave your dog, it can make them extremely uncomfortable and itchy.

You might see them itching at times which is because they are so uncomfortable that they can last for days.

It is the same as humans when they shave, it can irritate the skin when it is especially shaved too close.

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