How Much Does An American Bully Cost? American Bully Price

American Bullies are friendly and gentle despite their intimidating name and fierce looks. They are a great addition to families. So, how much does an American Bully cost?

The American Bully price varies depending on certain factors such as bloodline, breeder’s reputation, location, and AKC papers.

On average, the cost of an American Bully ranges from $500 to $800 if they are not purebred and $2000 to $5000 if they are high in quality and purebred.

This article will provide you with information about the cost of getting an American Bully, the different expenses you will incur as an owner, factors to consider, and where to buy an American Bully puppy.

The Average American Bully Price

Average American Bully Price

The average price of American Bullies that bloodlines are less known and not purebred ranges from $500 to $800. If the American Bully is purebred and high in quality, it will cost you between $2000 and $5000.

However, the price can be different depending on the class of the American Bully. There are four classes of American Bullies: standard, classic, pocket, and XL.

Standard American Bullies feature a muscular build, heavy bone structure, and blocky head. Their average cost is $2500.

Pocket American Bullies are short with well-defined cheek and jaw muscles, and a broadhead. They cost around $2000 on average.

The classic American Bully has a lighter frame and bones, less body mass with a broad chest. They cost about $2500.

The XL American Bully is like a standard Bully but is heavier, taller, and larger. Their average cost is $3000.

Factors That Can Affect American Bully Price

American Bully Price Factors

An American Bully price can be affected by the following factors:

Breeder Reputation

Some breeders are known for producing strong, healthy and puppies that are well cared for. They are also known because some of their dogs have participated in dog shows and competitions and have won titles.

If you chose to buy your American Bully from these breeders, be ready to spend more money.

AKC Papers – Purebred vs. Mixed

Your American Bully will cost more if they are certified as purebred and registered by the American Kennel Club. Unregistered and uncertified American Bullies will cost less.

However, there is no guarantee that the dog is of good quality even with AKC registration and certification. The parents of your puppy should have AKC registration for your puppy to be AKC certified.

Dog Bloodline

Bloodline is a factor that breeders consider when breeding dogs. The bloodline history tells you if there are any health issues, genetic disorders, or medical history to be aware of.

If the American Bully you want to buy comes from a bloodline known for winning competitions, the price will be higher.

Gender & Coat Color

Gender is another factor that affects the price of an American Bully. Generally, female American Bullies are expensive because of their prospects to breed.

However, male American Bullies can be expensive especially if they will participate in shows and competitions.

Certain coat colors are expensive than others because of demand and supply. Tri-colored American Bullies cost more because they are high in demand and have distinctive colors making them more desirable.

Location & Age

The price of an American Bully can vary throughout the world. In some countries, the price can be high while in others the price can be low because of low demand. 

Puppies are more expensive than adults because they require a lot of work. They need to be vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, more patience, and need more attention than adult dogs.

Vaccines & Medical Expenses

Some breeders vaccinate their puppies before selling them. This increases the price of the puppies. If the American Bully is not vaccinated, the price can be low, but it means you will incur the vaccination costs.

Where To Buy An American Bully Puppy

American Bully Where To Buy

Adoption & Rescue Shelter

One of the ways of getting an American Bully is to adopt from rescue and adoption centers. The cost of adopting an American Bully is much lower than buying from a breeder.

Most rescue centers and organizations will charge you an adoption fee to cover the primary care and rescue costs. This is because their goal is not to make money.

Generally, the adoption fees include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, heartworm test, microchip, deworming, flea treatment, and veterinary wellness exam and visit.

Apart from being an economical option, adopting an American Bully will make a good impact in your community as you are providing a home for a desperate puppy.

The adoption fee can range from $400 to $800 depending on the health needs of the American Bully.

Reputable Breeder 

These breeders are focused on breeding specific types of dogs such as the American Bully. They participate in dog competitions and shows, have a long waiting list for their litter, and keep records for the dogs they breed.

If you chose to buy your American Bully from a reputable breeder, expect to be asked a lot of questions because they want a good home for their dogs.

Reputable American Bully breeders have established ways of shipping the dogs countrywide and will have tested their dogs for common health issues related to American Bullies such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, and Cherry eyes.

A purebred American Bully will have the certification papers from the kennel club.

Backyard Breeder

An American Bully from a backyard breeder is often cheap than one from a reputable breeder. Backyard breeders often don’t breed dogs as a source of income, and they sell puppies from unplanned pregnancies.

Backyard breeders do not follow the best practices or applicable laws for breeding dogs ethically. They often have no experience in dog breeding but have good intentions.

They may be trying to see if they can breed their dog and see if they can sell the puppies. This is a questionable source to get an American Bully puppy.

The cost of an American Bully from a backyard breeder ranges from $500 to $1000.

Pet Stores 

Pet stores sell all animals such as puppies, birds, kittens, hamsters, and rabbits. Most dogs in pet stores are from puppy mills which are mass-breeding facilities. These puppies have been denied exercise, socialization, and veterinary care.

Typically, these puppies have taken from their mothers when they are young, put in crates, and taken for miles to brokers who then sell them to pet stores. These puppies have access to less food, water, and ventilation throughout the journey.

The conditions of the pet stores are not the best as the puppies are mostly in cages. Though the price of buying an American Bully from the pet store can be cheap, the puppy may have health conditions throughout his life.

American Bullies from a pet store can cost between $500 to $1500.

Initial Costs Of American Bully Ownership

Apart from the puppy or adoption cost, there are other initial expenses that you will incur as a first-time American Bully owner. You can find the following items at pet stores near you or online pet stores.

The list below shows the necessary items that you need for a new American Bully as you bring them home:

Type Of ExpenseCost
Puppy Dog Food$50
Dog Bed$40
Dog Crate$50
Dog Collar & Leash & Bowls$50
Grooming Supplies (Shampoo, Brush, Nail Clippers)$35
Cleaning Supplies (Waste Bags, Carpet Cleaner, Popper Scooper)$40
Initial Vaccines$150
Dog License$35

First-Year Expenses Of Owning An American Bully Puppy

These are the expenses you will incur during the first year of owning an American Bully. The prices are approximating and may differ from one person to the other. This is because some owners are willing to spend more on their dogs while others are more economical.

The following table shows the expenses you can expect to incur in your first year of owning an American Bully:

Type Of ExpenseCost
American Bully Puppy$2500
High-Quality Dog Food$600
Initial Expenses$560
Grooming Supplies$150
Spaying & Neutering$250
Veterinaran Visits & Vaccinations$300

Monthly Expenses Of Owning An Adult American Bully

Once your American Bully is an adult, the costs reduce because you will incur most of the costs in the first year and when buying your puppy.

However, you should be ready for any unexpected costs like medical costs if your dog becomes sick.

The following table shows the average monthly costs you will incur when raising an adult American Bully.

Type Of ExpenseCost
Dog Food$80
Dog Supplies$15
Grooming Supplies$10
Pet Insurance$30
Training Clases$150
Dog Walking$70

Cost Of Feeding an American Bully Puppy & Adult 

Nutrition is important throughout the life of your American Bully. The feeding cost of your dog will depend on certain factors as explained below:

  • Diet requirements – every dog has different nutritional needs, but whatever your dog’s needs are, ensure that the food you are feeding them is complete and balanced. It should have good quality protein as the first ingredient. It should also include omega fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and fruits.
  • Activity level – if your American Bully is an active dog, they will require more food but if their activity level is low, their daily calories should be low to prevent weight gain.
  • Size and weight – each product has a guideline that shows the amount of food to feed your puppy according to their weight and size.
  • Type of food there are different types of food that you can feed your American Bully such as dry kibble, wet food, or raw diet. Kibble is the cheapest option, wet food is the tastiest, and raw food is the most natural.

The cost of puppy food depends on the brand and can cost around $2.5 for a 12-ounce can. The price of adult food also depends on the brand and can cost between $20 to $100 per 30-pound bag.

Optional American Bully Expenses

American Bully Expenses

The following are the other expenses that you may or may not need to incur as an American Bully owner:

Ear Cropping

There are different types of ear crop styles for an American Bully puppy such as battle crop, a short crop, show crop, and long crop. Ear cropping should be done by a vet who is experienced.

Ensure that you research the vet before settling on them. The cost of ear cropping an American Bully range from $150 to $600 depending on the style.

Spaying & Neutering

Generally, spaying costs more than neutering, so if your American Bully is female, you may be required to spend more money to spay her.

It is a choice whether you want to spay or neuter your dog and before making the decision you should consult with your vet for guidance on when to do the procedure. On average, the cost of spaying an American Bully is between $130 and $500 while neutering costs between $150 and $415.


It is important to train your puppy especially in the first year of their life. You can train your American Bully at home but hiring a certified trainer or taking them to a puppy class are great options.

The puppy class is cheaper than getting a certified trainer. It can cost you around $150 per hour to hire a private trainer for your dog at home. Puppy classes are about $65 for 8 weeks.


Your American Bully requires grooming every 8 to 14 weeks. Grooming your dog involves hair brushing, washing, cutting, shampooing, conditioning, styling, ear cleaning, nail cutting, and mouth freshening.

This will improve the look of your dog, improve their smell, and make it easy to spot cuts, parasites, spot rashes, and scratches. The grooming cost ranges from $20 to $100 depending on what is included and the groomer.

DNA Testing

A DNA test will help you find the heritage of your American Heritage and find any illnesses that can affect your dog before it is active.

If you go to a vet clinic for a DNA test, it will cost you between $40 and $100, but if you do it at home using DNA test kits, it will cost you around $35 and $70 plus shipping costs.

Dog Walker & Dog Sitter

If you are busy and not able to walk your American Bully or be with them during the day, you can hire a dog walker or dog sitter.

A dog sitter can cost you between $15 and $40 per day if they come to your home but you will incur their travel costs. A dog walker can be cheaper especially if you find a trusted neighbor to walk your American Bully.

Is American Bully Insurance Worth It?

It can be difficult to decide the right pet insurance plan for your American Bully. Before choosing a policy, it is important to understand how the policy works for your dog’s medical requirements.

A maximum benefit policy is the best option for an American Bully. This is because it is affordable, and you can claim it several times in case a similar health condition occurs more than once such as hip dysplasia.

You should also select a policy that covers treatment for you and has a good financial limit.

Another option for insurance is the life insurance policy where you pay each year for each condition. This is an expensive cover but there is less chance you will pay for your dog’s treatments.

On average, the life insurance policy costs about $40 per month while the maximum benefit policy costs around $36 per month.

American Bully Common Health Issues & Treatment Cost

American Bully Treatment Cost

American Bully as a breed has certain health conditions that affect them. Below are some of them and their treatment costs:

Hip Dysplasia

This condition happens when the cartilage in the femoral head deteriorates causing malformations of the socket and ball joints of the hip. If not diagnosed early, it can lead to crippling and severe pain.

There are two treatments for this condition, and each has a different cost: the Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis costs between $1000 to $3000, and the total hip replacement costs around $3500 for one joint.

Heart Disease

This condition may take years to develop, and it affects one side or both sides of the heart. Some American Bully puppies can be born with the condition while others develop it as they grow.

Heart disease is caused by heartworms and the treatment costs between $300 and $1000. In case of heart murmurs, it is recommended that an operation is done which can cost between $7000 to $15000.

Skin Problems

An American Bully can experience different skin issues in their lifetime. These skin problems can be caused by fleas or bacterial infections.

If the cause of skin issues in your Bully is fleas, the frontline dog sprays are the cheapest method for treatment as it costs around $35. However, if it is caused by a bacterial infection, speak to your vet for assistance.


if your Bully starts scratching, itching, sneezing, biting things, or shake their head, they might be experiencing an allergic reaction. Allergies can be atopic such as dust or pollen, caused by fleas and even food.

The best way to treat allergies is to eliminate the allergens. Other ways include immune suppressants which can cost about $336 a bottle.

Eye Problems

Cherry Eye and Entropion are the most common health conditions that affect the eyes of an American Bully. The cost of treating Cherry Eye starts at $100 for a gland. The treatment cost of Entropion is around $340.

Final Words

As you have seen, different factors affect the price of owning an American Bully such as food, grooming, training, and medical care.

Understanding the expenses that you will incur once you buy an American Bully will prepare you financially and mentally.

There are different expenses that you will incur when purchasing your puppy, during their first year, and when they are adults. The costs change depending on the needs of your puppy and their lifestyle.

Before buying an American Bully puppy, check the breeder to ensure that they are reputable to avoid incurring extra costs in terms of health care and vet visits.

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