Mini Australian Shepherd Breeders – Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

With their vivacious personality and more manageable size, it is no surprise that mini Aussies are an in-demand breed.

In order to be sure that you are getting the dog that you are looking for, it is important that you look at reputable mini Australian Shepherd breeders to be sure.

We have looked up the top mini Aussie breeders in the United States and come up with the following 10.

We determined that a good breeder would be one that focuses on the care, love, and health of their puppies over-focusing on making a profit.

While there are a lot of good breeders out there, we want to help guide you toward breeders who genuinely care for their dogs as parts of their families, ensuring that you will get a socialized and well-adjusted puppy.

Located from Coast to Coast, there are quite a few to choose from.

10 Best Mini Australian Shepherd Breeders

Mini Aussie For Sale

#1. Lulu’s Lil Aussies

Situated in Stockton, Utah, Lulu’s Lil Aussies focuses on mini Aussies, toy Aussies, and Teacup Aussies. They report that they will provide service to all of the 50 states in the U.S. as well as anywhere in the world, provided the pups are being matched to an appropriate family.

This mini Australian Shepherd breeder keeps all of their dogs in their home, so they are an integrated part of the family. The dogs are well-loved, even when a dog has moved beyond the breeding age and is simply a member of the family.

As long as the weather is nice, the pups are taken outside on their ranch for daily exercise. Their days normally start with a run before having snacks, nap time, and then lots of love and attention.

The pups are given so much contact that they are friendly with all humans. They need the exercise as well because you likely already know that Aussies are a high-energy breed that does require a lot of exercise.

Their dogs are priced between $2500 and $3500, depending on the color of the dog that you get. They also put their dogs through hereditary testing to look out for any possible genetic conditions that may arise later. It is still good to have your pup evaluated after adoption, however.

Information and Details

Name: Lulu’s Lil Aussies
Address: Melinda Lu Vierig, P.O. Box 386, Stockton, Utah 84071
Phone: 801-673-5883

#2. Blue Buckaroo Mini Aussies

While they do not supply their actual location, Blue Buckaroo Mini Aussies is located about an hour south of Nashville, Tennessee, which is middle Tennessee.

They do not ship their puppies. They do meet families at the Nashville airport for a $50 fee, and then you can fly home with your puppy in the cabin.

This mini Australian Shepherd breeder provides a health guarantee that you are receiving a puppy that is in both good physical and mental health.

The puppies will have already received deworming treatment and their initial puppy vaccines, but they require that you have your puppy examined by your own vet within 72 hours of bringing the puppy home. Otherwise, the health guarantee is void.

The guarantee includes that you will have one year of great puppy health, free from any genetic defects.

If your puppy winds up having serious eye defects, hip dysplasia, or any other congenital defect that will impact the dog’s quality of life, they will replace your puppy with one from the next litter. It is important that you keep your puppy healthy in general, so genetic conditions are not exacerbated.

They also have you sign a contract stating you will have your dog spayed or neutered by 12 months of age. Any registration papers will say that they are limited to the dog you adopted and no offspring.

Information and Details

Name: Blue Buckaroo Mini Aussie
Address: South of Nashville, Tennessee
Phone: 615-440-6461

Mini Australian Shepherds Breeders

#3. Color Country Aussies

Color Country Aussies is a breeder located in Cedar City, Utah. This breeder focuses on both the mini and the toy Australian Shepherds.

They are passionate about their work and care a lot about making Aussies that have the ideal temperament. This breeder has been in business for over 12 years, concentrating on the various sizes of the Aussie breed.

At their small ranch in Southern Utah, the puppies have the ability to interact with each other, farm animals, and nature itself.

The types of animals the puppies are exposed to include large dogs, cats, goats, calves, and horses. They also have children as well, so their puppies will come already well-socialized with well-adjusted personalities.

What is really nice about this breeder is that not only have they won pedigree awards and even participated in dog shows, but they place a high value on morals.

In fact, if you do not exhibit qualities of friendliness, timeliness, and respect, they will not be open to adopting one of their dogs out to you.

They are willing to ship their puppies anywhere in the United States using Delta Airlines. The cost is about $300. They will also ship anywhere in the world, but the price points vary substantially, so there is no way to guess that without knowing where you live.

Information and Details

Name: Color Country Aussies
Address: Cedar City, Utah
Phone: 435-590-1301

#4. J and B Mini Aussies

Another reputable breeder for mini Australian Shepherds is J and B Mini Aussies. This breeder is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

J and B genetically test all of their puppies to make sure that they are free of any genetic conditions that might affect the length and quality of their dog’s lives.

They also have a one-year health guarantee. So if your dog shows signs of life-threatening illness within the first year, you can have your puppy replaced by a dog from a different litter.

What we liked about this breeder was that they socialize their puppies from the start. They raise their puppies out on a farm, so they are exposed to animals and children daily.

The children tend to and play with the puppies, helping to build a trust that will carry over throughout the dog’s life.

They screen potential families to make sure that the right families are receiving the right dogs.

They will ask you for your needs, wants, and wishes from a puppy, such as whether you want a family member, if you want a service dog, or even if you would like to show the dog.

That way, they will look at the puppies and be able to tell which puppy would be able to successfully meet your needs and your expectations..

Information and Details

Name: J and B Mini Aussies
Address: Little Rock, Arkansas
Phone: 501-200-0410

Mini Aussies For Sale

#5. Lucky Little Aussies

If you are looking for mini Australian Shepherd breeders on the West Coast, check out Lucky Little Aussies in Oakdale, California.

Their focus is not on selling puppies to buyers, but instead growing families who are like-minded in their love of dogs and love of Aussies as well.

They do not hold a Traditional Waiting List for puppies, because they only reserve pups by season, giving families a more equal chance of getting a pup if they missed the current season.

They only consider applicants who have been approved, so they will not allow just anyone to adopt one of their babies.

Lucky Little Aussies has a focus on the family and puppy, so attention to color, gender, timing, and other superficial qualities is completely secondary.

They encourage families to not be set on a specific timeline to finding the perfect pup because the dog will be a part of the family for 10 to 20 years.

Every puppy that they adopt out will have undergone genetic testing to rule out any potential risks. The parents have also been cleared and tested prior to breeding.

They are looking for life-altering conditions, such as cardiorespiratory problems, neurological conditions, eye conditions, and any physical conditions, such as hip dysplasia.

Upon adoption, you will receive a copy of your puppy’s medical records, and dates to update immunizations.

Information and Details

Name: Lucky Little Aussies
Address: 10412 N Wamble Rd, Oakdale, California 95361
Phone: 530-479-3547

#6. Raising Star Ranch

Raising Star Ranch is another mini Australian Shepherd breeder. They are located in Williamson County in Central Texas.

This is a family-owned ranch that raises, breeds, and shows toy and mini Australian Shepherds. They are registered with the AKC, ASDR, and IMASC.

Their breeding goals with their Aussies are to focus on intelligence, agility, and beauty. Their ultimate goal is that you will be able to add a new and loving member to your family.

Their dogs are meant to be socialized, well-tempered, and meant to be dogs that conform well to the mini Aussie breed standard.

Their prices range from $800 to $2,550, depending on the type of Aussie, the color, and whether you are adopting a male or a female pup.

They will determine the final cost of a dog after the dog has reached a few weeks old and they are better able to establish the appearance of the dog. Once you make a deposit, it is not refundable.

In order to get your dog, they will work with you to arrange a day and a time to pick up the pup. They will travel to meet you up to 50 miles. Otherwise, they will help arrange any air travel, pet courier, or any order situation, but it will be up to you to pay for that.

Information and Details

Name: Raising Star Ranch 
Address: Williamson County in Central Texas
Phone: 512-695-1556

#7. Mini Aussies in Colorado

A state-licensed breeder in Colorado, Mini Aussies in Colorado is comprised of a husband and wife team that raises puppies to function as both companions and working dogs.

They keep their dogs active in the Colorado wilderness, with a lot of time dedicated to hiking, climbing, and exploring.

Their mini Aussies average between 16 and 18 inches from the shoulder to the ground when they have reached maturity. Their minis run on the larger side, when compared to some other breeders.

Around a third of the pups that they breed stand taller than 18 inches, so if you are hoping for a true mini or even a teacup sized Australian Shepherd, this might not be the right breeder for you.

Their puppies are cuddled and cared for as if the breeders were going to keep them for themselves. They consider breeding more of a work of passion than of profit and it shows. They love the breed and all of the pups that they adopt out.

They do acknowledge that the Australian Shepherd is a high-energy working dog, so they do exercise them and treat them as a working dog thrives on. It is a good reminder that the breed does need a lot of exercise and attention in order to be happy.

Information and Details

Name: Mini Aussies in Colorado
Address: Roni Hale, 3596 G 7/10 Road, Palisade, Co   81526
Phone: 970-778-1681

Mini Australian Shepherd For Sale

#8. Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

While we had mentioned that these breeders would primarily focus on what is found in North America, we still wanted to include Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, which is located in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

This mini Australian Shepherd breeder aims to breed quality and genetically clear mini and toy Australian Shepherds. They did get their initial breeding stock from the United States and Canada and now have many dogs to help them continue this fun breed in Australia.

All of the puppies from this breeder are registered with the American Stock Dog Registry. The dogs themselves are raised in a loving environment full of other animals and children.

The dogs are well-socialized, and are loyal and affectionate as well. They are treated as family pets throughout the start of their life, so they will come to already having been loved.

This breeder concentrates on having the dogs as family pets and companions rather than working or show dogs. Regardless, they do make sure that their dogs are adhering to the breed standards that are associated with the mini Australian Shepherds and the toy Australian Shepherds.

Their puppies sell out quickly, so if you are interested, you will need to contact them directly in order to be placed on a waiting list.

Information and Details

Name: Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds
Address: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0407713111

#9. DreamLine Aussies

With 5 years of experience breeding mini Aussies, you would think that they have not worked out all of the kinks that come with being a new breeder.

This is not the case, however. DreamLine may only have 5 years of experience with Aussies, but they have more than 25 years’ experience working with herding dog breeds.

Typically, the size of their mini Aussies is between 14 and 19 inches tall, from shoulder to ground, or 20 to 60 pounds. The range in weight has to do with the physical size and muscle of the dog.

Male dogs usually weigh more. Sometimes they will have puppies that are smaller or later than the after.

This breeder is located in North Carolina and can arrange for transportation or air shipping for you, in order to claim the dog. This will depend on the season and weather.

They do not concentrate on just one color of the dog. They breed all colors of Aussies that are out there and for the most part, their dogs have blue eyes, but brown eyes do still happen.

Within 72 hours of pickup, it is important that you see your vet at home to make sure that your dog has been cleared of concerning health issues. If something is found within that first 72 hours, then you can get a refund on the pup that you adopted.

Information and Details

Name: DreamLine Aussies
Address: Western North Carolina
Phone: 828-292-9122

Mini Aussie Breeders

Final Words 

Regardless of where you go to adopt your newest companion, it is really important that you do your due diligence when looking at mini Australian Shepherd breeders.

You want to get a puppy that you know is healthy and happy, preventing a lifetime of trouble for both you and your dog.

If you are unsure about the breeder, ask as many questions as possible. You are going to plan on keeping your puppy for his entire life, which you should be doing anyway, do not cut any corners when it comes to looking for breeders. Find the perfect match for you.

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