Yorkipoo Growth Chart – Weight & Size Chart

As a fairly new dog hybrid, the Yorkipoo seems to be an interesting choice for prospective dog owners. If you fall into this category, a Yorkipoo growth chart can assist with inquiries about this very special breed.

Yorkipoos are dogs that are capable of being valued companions for your entire family.

Yorkipoos come from North America and the first record of them can be found in the 1990s. They are a mixture of miniature poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.

They have taken traits from both parents which is why they are known to be affectionate, gentle, and bursting with energy.

A great benefit of owning a Yorkipoo is that they can be comfortable in any environment from small apartments to large yards. They enjoy playing with their owners and get along with small children. 

When Is A Yorkipoo Full Grown? 

Yorkipoo Weight Chart

Because the Yorkipoo is a mixed breed, many people have difficulty determining when they are full-grown. Another reason for this is that Yorkipoos come in mainly two sizes, which are standard and small.

You can expect the small Yorkipoo to attain full growth when they are between the ages of 8 to 12 months.

On the other hand, the standard Yorkipoo will attain full height between 12 and 15 months, but they have a fully grown weight of 18 to 24 months.

However, it is exceedingly difficult to say for a certainty that Yorkipoos obtain their full growth at a specific age.

It should also be noted that Yorkipoos may have different growth rates due to genetic factors and lifestyles.

The size of your Yorkipoo is determined by the way they are bred and this applies to both birth and adulthood. The fully grown size will be ultimately decided by the size of the poodle parents which are mainly miniature or toy.

Yorkipoo Weight Chart

The following Yorkipoo weight chart shows the estimated height and weight calculations for a Yorkipoo. You should know that there may be instances where the height and weight of your Yorkipoo are different from the charts.

This is quite normal especially for a Yorkipoo who is known to be unpredictable when it comes to determining final size.

Also, keep in mind that Yorkipoos are breeds that can come in small sizes and will have health problems if they are too thin.

If you find that your dog’s weight is drastically different from what is listed here, then you need to investigate further to see if there are any health problems.

Based on the time frame discussed for reaching adulthood, you can estimate your Yorkipoos development when it comes to the height and weight that he should be for his age.

To use this Yorkipoo growth chart, you must have an accurate idea of your dog’s age, so that you can compare this with what the chart says.

A few extra pounds on your Yorkipoo is not a big deal but being overweight it’s never a good idea for a dog. Use this chart as a reference for his development.

Yorkipoo Weight & Height Chart

SizeSmall YorkipooStandard Yorkipoo
Weight3 - 6 lbs10 - 14 lbs
HeightLess than 10 inch10 - 15 inch
Age At Adult Size6 - 7 months7 - 12 months

How Big Do Yorkipoos Get?

Since Yorkipoos are a mixed breed of Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers, the answer to this question must come from the parents.

Poodles come in a range of sizes but when it comes to their mix in Yorkipoos we are talking about the miniature and toy poodles. 

On the other hand, Yorkshire terriers have little variance when it comes to their size. Yorkshire Terriers weigh on average between four and six pounds with a height of 8 to 9 inches.

Because of this, we can categorize Yorkipoo s into two main categories which are the standard Yorkipoo and the smaller Yorkipoo.

The standard Yorkipoo was bred from a miniature poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. And the smaller Yorkipoo was bred from a toy poodle and a Yorkshire terrier. 

So the question about size for a Yorkipoo is quite diverse, but we do know that Yorkipoos usually weigh around 3 – 14 lbs, however, they have an average weight of around 7 – 10 pounds.

Yorkipoos are classified into specific breeding categories that help to determine their generation. This is quite important since they were created through generational breeding. The combinations are:

  • The F1 Yorkipoo comes from a Poodle parent and a Yorkshire Terrier. (50% Poodle & 50% Yorkie)
  • The F1B Yorkipoo comes from an original breed (usually a Poodle) and a Yorkipoo parent–  (75% Poodle & 25% Yorkie)
  • The F1BB Yorkipoo comes from a Poodle and an F1B parent. (87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Yorkshire Terrier )
  • The F2 Yorkipoo comes from two F1 Yorkipoo parents (50% Poodle & 50% Yorkie)
  • The F2B Yorkipoo comes from a Poodle and an F2 Yorkipoo parent. (75% Poodle & 25% Yorkshire Terrier)
  • The F2BB Yorkipoo comes from a Poodle and an F2B Yorkipoo parent. (87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Yorkshire Terrier)

Additionally, you can examine the paws of your dog to know if he has more growing to do because when a dog is not fully grown his paws tend to be a bit bigger.

DNA tests are another option for anyone who wants to be certain of their dog’s lineage. 

Yorkipoo Growth Chart – What To Expect

Yorkipoo Size Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

As with all puppies, this is a quite sensitive stage where your little Yorkipoo is unable to look after himself. They are blind and deaf looking to their mothers for nourishment and warmth.

They will sleep most of the time as they gain their strength. Ensure that the mother has everything she needs but remains undisturbed. Yorkipoo s usually have a litter size of 3 – 6 puppies. 

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks 

Expect that your Yorkipoo will go through a number of changes as they grow and develop muscles and gain eyesight and hearing ability. Their teeth develop and they start weaning during this stage.

Don’t be surprised if you start to hear them making barking sounds and running about using their newly-formed muscles. They will most likely be playful and get into mischief so make sure that you keep them away from harmful chemicals. 

4 Months –  6 Months 

In this time period, a Yorkipoo puppy will have been weaned and running about playfully exploring his environment. Female pups are usually a bit smaller at the end of the stage and training should start if it has not started yet speak. 

It is important that your Yorkipoo is socialized properly to save you trouble later on. Because he has weaned fully from his mother, at this time you can expect a growth spurt because of his introduction to solid foods. 

7 Months – 9 Months 

At this stage, you should look out for your Yorkipoo to undergo even more changes as he prepares himself for adulthood. Most Yorkipoos will start their heat cycle at the end of the stage.

Expect this heat cycle to last for about 1 to 2 months when females will be fertile and your Yorkipoo will want to socialize with other dogs for mating. Secure the fence of your yard so that he does not run away.

10 Months – 12 Months

Look out for your Yorkipoo being very active and intent on exploring his surroundings and learning his boundaries.

Remember that Yorkipoos love to engage themselves in play activities, so you can use this opportunity to train them and socialize them. Get into the habit of a fixed schedule.


When it comes to adulthood, small Yorkipoos will usually attain half of their full weight in their first 3 months.  Most of them will be fully grown between 8 months to one year.

On the other hand, standard Yorkipoos will attain half of their full weight in their first five months and adulthood between 7 and 15 months.

Yorkipoo Height Chart

It is a good idea to check your Yorkipoo’s weight regularly so that you can keep track of its development. 

The Yorkipoo is a special breed that makes it difficult to determine what the final size will be so proper attention should be paid to their growth. This is important so that you can adjust their diet and exercise.

Yorkipoo Puppy Growth Chart

Height is measured by using a flexible measuring tape that you will run from the ground up to their withers in a straight line. The wither is are simply the highest point of the shoulder blades.

Will Neutering/Spaying My Yorkipoo Affect His Growth?

Spaying and neutering can definitely affect the growth of your dog. Remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to this procedure.

A big advantage is that your Yorkipoo will be spared of certain diseases like cancer. You can also save yourself from unwanted pregnancies which may put your Yorkipoo s life at risk.

However, there are drawbacks like the time it takes to recover from such procedures as well as joints problems in male Yorkipoos.

There are owners who are of the view that a dog cannot reach their full size if they are neutered. This is because spaying and neutering affect testosterone in male dogs. You should not neuter your dog before they are at least one year and a half.

Factors That Affect Yorkipoo Puppy Growth 

Genetics & Gender

As stated previously, male and female Yorkipoos grow at different rates and are affected by spaying and neutering differently. Male Yorkipoos are slightly larger than their female counterparts.

All dogs have a specific genetic code that controls their development and the way they look. It also affects the quality of life and susceptibility to many diseases. These genes are passed down through generations and affect your Yorkipoos life.


Do your best to feed your Yorkipoo a proper diet that contains the proteins and minerals they need to grow into healthy adults.

Good nutrition will increase their potential, so they should be given a high-quality diet that is designed especially for them throughout every life stage.

Yorkipoo Development

Foods high in animal protein are better for them, but they also need healthy fats and lots of fiber for good gut health.

You can get these nutrients from commercially bought food, or you have the option of preparing and at home. By taking time to feed them properly you will add years to their life.

Physical Activity & Health 

Yorkipoos are especially playful and energetic so ensure that they are properly exercised daily. If you do not do this they will get into trouble and make mischief around the house or yard.

They can also learn tricks easily because they are eager to please and highly trainable.

Give your dog socialization along with exercise by taking them on walks with their leash, so they get used to other people. Exercise will help them to maintain strong and healthy muscles and bones. 

Shih Poo vs Yorkipoo Size 

In terms of size, the Yorkiepoo and the Shih poo are quite similar, however, the Shih poo weighs about 4 to 15 lb in adulthood and has a height of 7 to 8 in. on the other hand, the Yorkipoo weigh about 8 – 15 lb in males and 7- 9 lb in females as adults.

Both male and female Yorkipoos are about 8 to 15 inches in adulthood.

Yorkipoos and Shih poos are apartment-friendly dogs that can adapt particularly well to lifestyle changes in their living environment. 

How To Properly Weigh And Measure A Yorkipoo? 

Yorkipoo s are a small breed, so when they are very young it is easy to weigh them on a bathroom scale and record their weight.

However, when they get a bit older it may prove to be more of a problem because they may be a bit too large for the scale, or they may not stay still on the scale long enough for you to record their weight.

In the latter case, there is a quite simple solution. You would need to record your weight on the scale,  and then get on the scale while holding your Yorkipoo and make a note of this weight.

The weight of your Yorkipoo will be the difference between these two weights.

Yorkipoo Genetics And Common Health Problems

Yorkipoos have an advantage because they are less prone to certain diseases.  Research done by The Institute of canine biology showed that mixed breed dogs are less likely to have genetic disorders that plague pure breed dogs.

However, this is not a guarantee that Yorkipoos will be in perfect health throughout their lifespan. It only means that they are not overly affected by the diseases of their parents.

Yorkshire Terriers usually suffer from eye diseases and diseases that affect their joints such as dislocated knees and hips.

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