US Dog-Friendly States Report

It is no secret that dogs are man’s best friend, and many of us would be lost without the companionship of our furry friends – according to the stats, 38.4% of all Americans own at least one dog. Have you ever wondered which US state is the optimum location for dog lovers – and which should be avoided if you are a fan of canines? We took a closer look at the facts and figures to help you gain a better oversight of the most dog-friendly spots in the states.


The Top 5 Best States For Dogs


  1. Maine – Total Index 1.0
  2. Washington – Total Index 0.90
  3. Wisconsin – Total Index 0.89
  4. Alaska – Total Index 0.86
  5. Montana – Total Index 0.85


Maine emerges as the overall winner in our research, with the highest total index score of 1.0, with Portland being named the most dog-friendly city in the area. Not only does the state boast an impressive 84 parks, but the region is also 70% forested, lending itself to a plethora of walking trails to suit all types of dogs and owners.  


Montana also takes a top spot as one of the most dog-friendly states – particularly if you are on the hunt for other dog lovers; an impressive 51.9% of the population has at least one dog, making this the place to be if you want to ensure that your pooch has plenty of pals. For plenty of parks, head to the cooler climes of Alaska, and enjoy the endless open space and variety of dog-friendly parks for your furry friend to stretch their legs.


The Top 5 Worst States For Dogs


  1. New Jersey – Total Index 0.49
  2. Maryland – Total Index 0.5
  3. Hawaii – Total Index 0.52
  4. Rhode Island – 0.52
  5. Louisiana – 0.52

Those who are not fans of dogs should head to the streets of New Jersey – according to research, this is the worst US state for dogs. With just 29.1% dog ownership, you may find that your furry friend is made less than welcome in many areas, and there are just 50 parks to roam free and explore. Rhode Island is another spot best avoided by dog lovers – especially if you are planning to rent. At just 7.8%, the state has some of the lowest percentage of pet-friendly rentals in the country, making it tricky for dog owners to find a new home.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning on moving home, or just enjoying a change of scenery as part of your vacation, knowing the places where you and your pooch will be welcomed can be useful – and our list will help you know where to avoid, and the best place to book your next trip!

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