How Much To Feed A Corgi Puppy – Corgi Feeding Chart

The basis of raising a healthy Corgi puppy lies in knowing how much to feed a Corgi puppy at the right intervals.

The right proportions are important because if your dog doesn’t get enough food, his development will be stunted and if he gets too much, he could become overweight and develop health problems.

Because they grow fast when they are young, these dogs need food that is high in calories. These dogs also have specific nutrients to help them grow healthy bones.

For instance, Corgi puppies need a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and magnesium in their diet to avoid certain diseases.

How Much Should A Corgi Puppy Eat?

So you might be wondering how much to feed a Corgi puppy? Remember that puppies eat more than adult dogs. They are babies and need regular feeding.

Puppies should be fed at least twice a day. Adult dogs are fed only once a day, but puppies need food more often.

Best Food For Corgi

The best is to feed your puppy three to four small meals a day, spread out throughout the day. At the same time, you should let your puppy have plenty of water.

In fact, your puppy needs a regular supply of food and water every day to ensure he grows up healthy.

Corgi Puppy Feeding Chart

Corgi puppies need dog food specially formulated for puppies. Since Corgis are small-sized dogs, they will thrive on dog food formulas that are specifically formulated for small dogs.

Corgis have a tendency to overeat and easily gain too much weight, so you need to make sure that you follow the Corgi puppy feeding chart and don’t overfeed your young dog. Give your puppy food high in nutrients to support its energetic nature.

Because these dogs like to be on the move, they need special formulas that will protect their bones.

Very young puppies should get 4 – 6 small meals a day.

Best Food For Corgi Puppy

6 Week Old Corgi Puppy

During the first six to eight weeks of its life, a puppy should stay with its mother and nurse whenever the need arises. The mother’s milk contains all the nutrients and antibodies to help an infant dog grow and fight disease.

If it’s not possible for the puppy to stay with the mother during the first eight weeks, the puppy should receive another form of milk via a bottle. Bottles and milk for this purpose can be obtained at a good pet store.

8 Week Old Corgi Puppy

By this time, an 8-week old Corgi puppy will weigh around 4 pounds. Puppies should be fed three to four times a day. You can feed your dog 0.15 cups of dry puppy food.

Smaller meals are important because they are easier to digest for small puppies and with regular small meals, their energy levels will stay constant.

10 Week Old Corgi Puppy

By the time your dog is 3 months old, it will weigh around 8 pounds. In other words, it has doubled its weight in just one month!

Corgi Drinking Schedule

Keep on feeding your pup dry dog food formulated for puppies. You can increase the amount to 0.25 cups three times a day.

12 Week Old Corgi Puppy

In the past three months, your dog should have gained another five pounds and should now weigh roughly 25 pounds.

You can now safely put your dog on dog food formulated for adult dogs. Feed your dog 0.75 cups of dry dog food twice a day.

You need to control your Corgi’s weight as they love food and easily gain weight which is bad for their health. Control your dog’s weight by having him exercise regularly, sticking to regular mealtimes, not giving him treats between meals, and by not leaving food in his bowl when it’s not mealtime.

6-Month-Old Corgi Puppy  

At around six months some owners start feeding twice a day because it’s more convenient, but it’s recommended to stick with at least 3 meals a day.

By six months, your dog will weigh roughly 15 pounds. You can feed him 0.33 cups of dry food. At this stage, your dog still needs food formulated for puppies. Don’t be tempted to give your eager dog larger portions.Corgi Puppy Growth

9-Month-Old Corgi Puppy 

Your dog is not growing so rapidly anymore. In the last three months, he has gained around 5 pounds and now weighs roughly 20 pounds.

He is becoming an adult dog and you can now begin to feed him dog food for adult dogs, or you can stick with high-quality puppy food.

Now you can start feeding your dog twice a day. He should get 0.65 cups of food at each meal.

Stick to the recommended amount of food. If you overfeed your dog, he can quickly become overweight and develop health problems later on.

How Many Calories Does A Corgi Puppy Need

Corgi Puppy Calorie Requirement

While you can look at the back of the dog food bag to get an idea of how much you should feed your puppy each day, that really does not take into account your individual dog’s needs.

Instead, you should calculate how many calories your puppy needs a day. The calculation is referred to as the RER or Resting Energy Requirement.

When calculating an RER, the first thing to do is to convert your puppy’s weight into kilograms. Then, you take that number and multiply it to the three-fourths power by 70.

That calculation is the RER. With a puppy under 4 months old, you multiply the RER by 3 to get the right amount of calories. For a puppy between 4 and 12 months old, calculate that number by 2.

Feeding Your Corgi Puppy Raw Food 

The raw food diet comes up once in a while. The idea is that you feed your pup raw food rather than kibble or wet dog food. There are some pros and cons to the raw food diet.


  • You know exactly what your dog is eating
  • Fewer allergies and health issues involved
  • Better for overall health


  • Uncooked meats contain bacteria
  • It is more expensive
  • Raw bones are a choking hazard

It is not a good idea to only give your dog a raw food diet, but you can try it one meal a day. Just rotate what you are giving your dog, because your dog needs a balance between bones and fats.

Should You Feed Your Corgi Puppy Dry Or Wet Food? 

Another question that comes up with regard to food is whether you should feed your Corgi puppy a dry or wet food diet. There are pros and cons to both types of foods.

Dry Dog Food:

  • Is less expensive
  • Has fewer calories
  • Better for teeth

Wet Dog Food:

  • Is more flavourful
  • Contains more fats
  • Can damage teeth

Ideally, you should be feeding your Corgi puppy kibble rather than wet food. Wet food can be incorporated if your puppy is struggling to eat the kibble due to illness or preference, but it should not be the default food option.

Can You Free Feed A Corgi Puppy? 

The idea of free feeding probably sounds really good to most dog owners. The idea is that you just put out your dog’s daily food in one go, allowing the dog to eat gradually throughout the day. This is not a good idea, however.

When you free feed, you will not be able to tell whether your dog is having trouble eating, or know exactly how much of the food he is eating.

Also, most dogs will eat the entire daily allotment at once, leaving them feeling unwell at first and then starving again later. For a smaller puppy, stick with 3 meals a day and move down to 2 meals a day after 6 months.

What Human Foods Can A Corgi Puppy Eat 

While we do not recommend that you feed your Corgi from the table, there are some human foods that a puppy can eat, including:

  • Eggs: Eggs are high in protein and easy to digest.
  • Chicken: Chicken can be an allergen for some dogs, but plain, real chicken is very healthy if your dog can tolerate it.
  • Green beans: Green beans are full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Peanut butter: Peanut butter is a great treat for a puppy. You will not want to give it with every meal, but once in a while, it is a good source of protein.

What Human Foods Are Dangerous For A Corgi Puppy 

Unfortunately, there are a lot more foods that are toxic for Corgi puppies than there are safe foods. Some of the most dangerous toxins include:

  • Chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Raisins/Grapes
  • Avocado
  • Onions/Chives
  • Fruit Pits
  • Uncooked Potatoes

While all of these foods are not good for your dog, they are not all fatal. Some might cause serious issues to their digestion, which can be dangerous in a puppy.

It is best to ensure that your puppy does not have any access to these foods, so if you have them in your house, keep them up high, anyway from any curious puppies.

Best Dog Food For Corgi Puppies

How Much To Feed A Corgi

Editor’s Choice

#1. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Dog Food

This formula provide all the nutrients your puppy need to be healthy. The formula contains chicken meal and barley and is easy for a small puppy to digest. Made from natural ingredients without any artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives, this recipe contains all the nutrients your puppy needs.

This includes fish oil to promote healthy brain and eye development, and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

Manufactured in the United States, the formula and all ingredients meet industry standards. This dog food forms a complete and balanced diet for puppies up to one year of age. 


#2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food 

This formula was specially created to make sure that puppies grow up to be healthy little dogs. The formula contains real meat in the form of de-boned chicken, whole grains, garden veggies and fruit.

What makes this formula extra special, is the addition of LifeSource Bits, which is a precise blend of nutrients that support healthy growth and development.

Key nutrients include calcium, phosphorus and essential vitamins for strong bones and teeth, vitamins, antioxidants for immune system health, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. This kibble also contains DHA and ARA for healthy brain and eye development. The protein derived from chicken promotes healthy muscle growth.

#3 Purina ONE SmartBlend Puppy Dog Food

This natural puppy food contains chicken with added vitamins, and minerals and contains no fillers.

Purina ONE is a high-protein puppy food that supports the development of healthy muscles. Other healthy ingredients include rice and oatmeal.

How Much To Feed A Corgi Puppy

The food is formulated to provide DHA that support vision and brain development, antioxidants and vitamins that promote a strong immune system, as well as minerals like calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.

This highly digestible puppy food is recommended by veterinarians. This puppy food is manufactured in the USA in manufacturing facilities that are regularly inspected.

#4. Wellness Small Breed Dog Food 

This dry dog food is specially formulated for small breed puppies, featuring small kibbles for easy eating.

The food is made with natural ingredients in a balanced formula that supports healthy growth and development. The food contains proteins and whole grains that are fortified with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, essential vitamins and probiotics. It does not contain any meat by-products, fillers or artificial preservatives.

This premium dog food is made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients.

#5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food 

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a dog food specially created for the healthy development of puppies. The formula contains meat, whole grains, garden veggies and fruit, plus LifeSource Bits, which is a blend of nutrients that have been enhanced with added antioxidant-rich ingredients.

The recipe contains deboned chicken and whole grains like brown rice.

Key nutrients include protein for healthy muscles, calcium, phosphorus and essential vitamins for strong bones and teeth, DHA and ARA for healthy brain and eye development, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, and vitamins, and antioxidants for a healthy immune system.

The kibble is sized for the small jaws of puppies. The food contains not byproducts derived from corn, wheat, soy or poultry.

Corgi Food

2, 3, 4-Month-Old Corgi Puppy Weight

 A 2-month-old Corgi puppy weighs 9- 12 pounds.

 At three months, your Corgi puppy should weigh 9 – 14 pounds.

 At four months, your puppy will have gained another 2 – 4 pounds and should weigh 11 – 16 pounds.

How Much Does A Corgi Grow Each Week?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question. It is impossible to give a precise answer as individual dogs have different growth rates. Dogs from the same litter can vary in their growth rates and reach a different size.

Corgi Puppy Feeding Schedule

It is not possible to predict exact growth rates and weights at any of a puppy’s development stages.

Instead of worrying about how much your dog grows each week, make sure that he reaches the average weight for each month. Just keep in mind that we are talking about averages, there is no exact rule or weight at any stage.

If your puppy seems happy and is active, he probably is doing well, regardless of what he weighs.

Switching From Corgi Puppy Food To Adult Food

A Corgi puppy reaches adulthood at around 12 months of age. You can switch your dog over to food for adult dogs between 12 and 14 months.

Don’t do the switch overnight. Slowly introduce the adult food by mixing a bit of it into the puppy food for a few days. Start with a little adult food first and slowly increase the amount over a few days. Pay close attention to your dog’s reaction. Only add more adult food if he handles it comfortably and seems to enjoy it.

It’s a good idea to feed your adult dog the same brand he enjoyed as a puppy.

What If My Corgi Won’t Eat

If your puppy is refusing food when he arrives, he may be experiencing stress. He may miss the rest of the litter and simply needs time to adjust to his new home.

In this situation, your puppy might respond to wet food better than dry kibble. At any rate, make sure he always has access to water as small dogs can easily get dehydrated if they don’t eat or drink regularly.

Don’t let your puppy miss more than two meals. If that happens, take him to the vet to have him examined.

What Nutrients Does A Corgi Puppy Need?

A Corgi puppy needs a balanced formula that contains:

  • High-quality protein for healthy muscles
  • Minerals (calcium and phosphorous) for healthy bones and teeth
  • Antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy immune system
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

The food should be made from high-quality natural ingredients and should not contain any fillers. A good proportion of high-quality protein is especially important.

Should You Feed A Corgi Puppy Supplements?

 If you feed your dog a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients he needs, you shouldn’t need to give him supplements as well. The dog foods that we discussed earlier will provide your dog with everything he needs to be healthy.

However, if you feed your dog a homemade diet, he may need supplements. Before you buy any supplements, consult your vet.

How Much Water Should My Puppy Drink?

 Very young puppies get enough fluid from their mother’s milk, but when they are weaned and start eating solid food, they need to be given water to drink.

You want to make sure that your puppy drinks about a half cup of water every two hours. To be sure that he drinks that amount, set out only a half cup at a time and replenish it when he has finished it.

Corgi Feeding Schedule

When your puppy gets older, just leave a bowl of water out for him – he will naturally drink as much as he needs.

If your puppy eats mostly dry food, he may need to drink more water. Also, if he has been very active, or it’s a hot day, he will need more water.

How Much Exercise Does A Corgi Puppy Need A Day?

Corgi puppies need daily exercise but it’s important to remember that their bones, muscles and joints are still developing, so too much activity can harm your puppy’s development.

Any high-impact activities like agility obstacles, Frisbee and stairs should be avoided for the first year.

Young puppies shouldn’t do strenuous exercise. About 5 minutes for every month of the puppy’s age is enough. So, if your puppy is four months old, a 20-minute walk should be enough exercise for him.

When you take your puppy for a walk, watch out for signs of exhaustion or disinterest like, lying down and refusing to walk. You may have to pick him up and carry him home.

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