Whippet Weight Chart – Size & Growth Chart

Whippets are sweet lightning-fast dogs that are sometimes called the “poor man’s racehorse”. You may be wondering how big your whippet will get and a whippet weight chart will help you.

This dog breed is dignified, amiable, and they make great family pets.

If you send a whippet to go fetch, expect that he will come back in the blink of an eye because of his lean body and incredible speed. They are graceful and loyal to the humans they love.

Whippets look like greyhounds except that they are smaller. They have trim waists, sturdy legs, and lean heads this gives them agility that few other breeds are capable of.

Whippets will do better in a large yard that is fenced around, but apartments will do as well as long as they have enough room and are taken on regular walks.

One of the things that people particularly love about whippets is that they hardly ever bark, and they are considered to be low-maintenance dogs.

When Is A Whippet Fully Grown?

Whippet Fully Grown

You may also be wondering how long it would take for a whippet to attain adulthood. You can expect that when your whippet is around 6 to 12 months, but he will attain his full height potential.

Your whippet is then considered fully grown and that is as large as he will grow.

Whippets grow at rapid rates in the first eight months of their life, so they must be fed properly while this development is taking place.

Whippets are likely to look thin during their development until they fill out and their muscles are developed.

When they gain the proper amount of muscle, then you know that they are full-grown. His development has a lot to do with genetics and nutrition.  

Whippet Weight Chart 

A whippet growth chart is a good way to predict your whippet’s size as he develops. Understand that this chart can only make estimations and will not always be entirely accurate.

They give weight averages based on whippets dog’s usual weights throughout their development.

There are many reasons for your dog’s weight and development at a certain time of their life. Even puppies of the same litter develop ads difference rates. Ultimately size is determined by genetics, exercise level, and nutrition.

Make sure that you use the charts as reference points and do not get thrown off if your dog weight is not the same. The figures displayed are the ideal weight, but this is not set in stone.

If you notice that something is off with your dog, then you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. That is the best person to help you with your particular dog and circumstance. 

Whippet Puppy Weight Chart

Age Weight in lbsWeight in kg
3 Months 9.4 - 12 lbs4.3 - 5.4 kg
4 Months13 - 15 lbs5.9 - 6.8 kg
5 Months15 - 19 lbs6.8 - 8.6 kg
6 months17 - 22 lbs7.7 - 9.9 kg
7 months18 - 24 lbs8.1 - 10.8 kg
8 months19 - 26 lbs8.6 - 11.8 kg
9 months20 - 26 lbs9.1 - 11.8 kg
10 months22 - 27 lbs10 - 12.2 kg
11 months22 - 28 lbs10 - 12.7 kg
12 months22 - 28 lbs10 - 12.7 kg
13 months22 - 29 lbs10 - 13.2 kg
14 months22 - 29 lbs10 - 13.2 kg

Whippet Growth Chart – What To Expect

Whippet Puppy Growth Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

Whippets are born in litters that consist of 5-7 puppies, and they have 6 puppies on average. Sometimes whippets have smaller letter sizes but when they are born they are delicate and need care and attention from their mothers.

Since they are unable to see or hear, they depend on their mother for basic needs. They will spend a lot of time feeding on their mother’s milk and sleeping to gain strength.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks

This stage marks major changes for your whippet puppy. It is your job as his owner to ensure that these changes are facilitated smoothly so that you can have a happy and healthy whippet puppy. 

Weaning will take place, so you need to start your puppy on solid foods but make sure it is soft and nutritious for him as his teeth and mouth cant handle large and hard kibble.

At the end of this stage, your whippets should weigh around 9.4 to 12 lb for females and 11 to 13.5 lb  for males

4 Months – 9 Months 

Your whippet puppy will be growing rapidly during this stage and this will start to slow for some puppies at 6 months of age. Between 6 to12 months is when puppies reach their final weight and height.

Whippet Diet

Females usually weigh about 17 to 22 lb while males usually have a weight of 20.5 so 25.5 lb. Continue to nourish them properly so that they will be in good health.

10 Months – 18 Months 

Some whippets puppies will be still growing at the 12-month mark while many others may have reached their final weight and height.

Many continue to grow muscle while others have already filled out. You must feed your dog high-quality protein for strong muscles because whippets are lean dogs leave.

At 12 months most whippet females are between 22 and 28 lb while their male counterparts are about 26 to 32 lb.


Your whippet puppy would be an adult for some time now. At this stage, you must engage them in proper exercise so that their peak physical performance will be maintained.

They are capable of running as fast as 35 miles per hour, and they can jump more than 6 feet when they are full-grown. It is perfectly normal for your whippets to be very lean. 

How Big Do Whippets Get? 

Whippets are categorized as medium-sized dogs who typically reach between 18 and 22 in height and weigh 26 to 34 lb. Male whippets are slightly larger and weight than their female counterparts.

To find out how big whippets will get, you can look at his paws and see if he has more growing to do. When his paws are larger than the rest of his body, then you know he has more growing to do.

Whippet Weight Chart

You can also look at his parents to make an educated prediction about his weight in adulthood usually his weight will be an average of both parents weights. The weight chart in this article may also be able to assist you.

Will Neutering/Spaying My Whippet Affect His Growth? 

Research conducted on the spaying and neutering of dogs reveals that it can affect their weight growth considerably.

When your dog is spayed early it increases the amount of time that his bones have to grow, so you get a taller pet. Unfortunately, this also affects the alignments of his joints.

This is why spaying and neutering at an early age before adult development has taken place is not in your pet’s best interest. 

Only spay your pets when he has reached adulthood. Remember that there is a risk attached to any surgery so keep this in mind, and remember that recovery after these surgeries is important as well.

There are, however, benefits of spaying and neutering like eliminating the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

Whippet Size Chart 

It is a good idea to monitor your whippet puppy at all times to ensure that he is developing on schedule. You can do this by taking his height and weight and compare them against our whippet weight chart.

Your dog’s height is taken by measuring from the ground to his withers, which are the highest points on your dog’s shoulder blades.

Whippet Development

Simply ensure that he is standing up straight and take the measuring tape and measure from the ground to his withers in a straight line.

Females are usually 45 to 53 centimeters tall while males are 48 to 56 centimeters tall in adulthood. 

Greyhound vs Whippet Size

Greyhounds and whippets have a similar appearance except that whippets are smaller versions. They have the same small ears that are rose-shaped and the same eyes and long muzzle.

They are usually skinny enough that the ribs are visible because of their shorts coats. Their chests are wide, and their backs are arched.

The Greyhound is typically taller at about 28 to 30 inches whereas the whippets stand at 19 to 22 inches. Greyhounds have a bit more muscle, and they weigh 65 to 70 lb on the other hand whippets way about 25 to 40 lb. 

Factors That Affect Whippet Growth 

Genetics & Gender 

It is well known that male and female dogs typically have different growth rates with males being slightly larger. So gender plays a role in growth as do genetics.

Your dog’s parents play a role in what their final weight will be. Genetics also affect the types of diseases your whippet may be plagued with.

Discussing these things with your breeder before you even purchase a puppy is a smart move stop.


Whippets dogs do well on diets that are high in protein and high quality overall. If you decide to purchase commercially available kibble, or you want to prepare your dog’s food at home it should be of a high quality so that your dog can be healthy.

Keep in mind also that as your dog ages he may have different nutritional requirements. Whippets need slightly more protein when they are puppies because they are still developing. 

Do not overfeed leave your whippets pup especially after he has reached adulthood or if he is less active. Make sure that you provide clean and fresh water every day.

Physical Activity & Health 

Whippet dogs were bred to be sprinters, so you need to engage them in regular exercise. They particularly enjoy games of fetch.

Whatever exercise you intend to use ensure that it is irregular and vigorous. If you live in an area with a big and fenced yard, it will be much better for your whippet puppy. 

What If My Whippet Is Not The Right Weight 

How to know if your whippet puppy is the right weight you can start by looking at their ribs. With whippet dogs, you should be able to see their ribs because they are very lean.

If you are unable to see their ribs then you know that they are overweight. However, if you can see more than three ribs protruding then they are underweight, and you should do everything you can to ensure that they get the food they need.

Whippet Puppy Development

If your whippet dogs are lethargic or not interested in the food you give them, it could mean that they are overfed, or it could simply mean that they are sick.

In that case, you need to pay a visit to your veterinarian to ascertain exactly what is going on with your Whippet dog. Your dog can also be overweight when he lacks exercise.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Whippet? 

If you would like to purchase a whippet puppy it is likely to cost you around  $850-$1,500 and the average price would be $1,200.

The expenses for the first year would be approximately  $3,840 and around $1,300/year thereafter.  

Through a whippet lifetime, you are likely to spend an average of $20,740. 

And this would cover coats such as training costs, pay/neuter procedure, microchip, food, treats medical expenses, licenses, as well as the cost for pet insurance and boarding your whippet dog if you need to travel. 

Whippet Genetics And Common Health Problems 

Whippets typically do not carry extra weight on their bodies. Young whippet pups appear to be gangly in their build and have trouble keeping fat over their ribs during their development.

However, adult whippets should not have this problem. They should have no more than three ribs visible when they reach adulthood.

Also, their hip bones should not look sunk into in terms of fat. This may be difficult for owners to determine because a whippet who has a healthy weight usually appears to be skinny to people who are used to other breeds that carry their weight differently.

Whippet dogs are also prone to orthopedic problems, eye disorders, cardiac disease, and deafness.

Final Words 

It is of great importance to keep your whippet dog in good shape by providing them with proper nutrition and vigorous exercise.

It is better to schedule these physical activities so that your dog can stick to a routine. This makes training a lot easier. 

As your Whippet dog matures you will notice that he calms down and may be less playful than he was as a puppy. Some dog owners welcome this as the Whippet dog may get into less mischief like chewing slippers and furniture.

For this reason, it may be better to train your whippet dog when he comes down and is less mischievous.  Overall they are beautiful, loyal, and athletic dogs who can make the perfect addition to your family. 

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