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Feeding Boxer Dogs from Puppies Through Adulthood

Feeding Boxers
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Bred in the 19th century in Germany, Boxers are lovable and energetic furry friends who probably ate a lot healthier back in the day than now. With many additives included in dog food ingredients, it’s time we took a closer look at what we feed our Boxers, from when they are puppies to when they full grown adults.

How much to feed a boxer?

Boxers weigh just a few pounds when they are born, but grow into heavy hulks that can quickly weigh 70 pounds as an adult on average. This quick growth spurt means that they should be given a healthy and nutritional diet comprising of wholesome food that will affect the puppy’s growth rate, as well as behaviour.

Feeding a Boxer Puppy

As any infant, a boxer puppy should not be removed from the mother for at least 8 weeks as the mother’s milk is the best nutritious substance the little one can have. After 4 weeks, you should slowly introduce solids to your puppy, adding milk replacers so that the meal becomes soupy.

2. 8 weeks – 6 months

As puppies are in a growing stage, they need to be fed twice as much as adults. If you feed your adult Boxer 2 cups of food daily, you should give your puppy 4 cups. But space it out into multiple meals during the day as boxers tend to be prone to bloating. By portioning out the meals in scheduled times, you reduce the risk of bloating while ensuring that your puppy received ample nutrition. Checking your puppy’s ribs by holding him is a good indication of his food intake. If you can feel your puppy’s ribs when you hold him, all’s good, but if you can see your puppy’s ribs, increase his food intake.

3. 6 months – 1 year

Your Boxer is still a puppy, but this is the time you should schedule meals to twice a day – morning and early evening. Factor in any treats and rewards you give out to your Boxer during the day while figuring out meal sizes.

4. 2 years

Your Boxer puppy is now a full adult and you should be careful not to overfeed your Boxer. You can feed your Boxer twice a day at scheduled times to avoid bloating.

Types of dog food for Boxers

Your Boxer’s dog food should contain more quality protein than required for other breeds which will maintain their muscular build and energetic personalities. You can opt for a mix of commercial dog food as well as home cooked meals. Just beware of certain brands that contain more fillers which contain no nutrients for your dog.

Also keep an eye out for food colorings and additives which cause your dog to have allergic reactions.

Most of all, dogs need meat in their diet. They are not vegetarians and are born carnivores.

Feed timings

Avoid placing a bowl of dog food out for your Boxer, expecting them to eat whenever they want. Putting out the right amount of food is essential to keep your dog from getting bloating, while also helps them to stick to a schedule which helps in their training to be a well behaved dog.

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