How Much To Feed A Cavapoo Puppy – Cavapoo Feeding Chart

How much to feed a Cavapoo puppy depends on your lifestyle and their specific needs.

While the food labels may suggest feeding portions depending on the weight of puppies, calculating the calorie requirement for your puppy is essential and accurate for preventing obesity.

You can monitor the amount of food your puppy eats using a Cavapoo feeding chart to ensure that they are getting the right amount of nutrients throughout their life stages.

Ensure that the food your puppy eats has lean protein, fats, healthy carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

This article will provide you with more information about the amount of food a Cavapoo puppy needs at different age categories, the best puppy food, and many more.

How Much Should A Cavapoo Puppy Eat?

How Much To Feed Cavapoo

The amount of food that you should feed your Cavapoo depends on certain factors such as gender, physical activity, health, age, and the type of food your puppy is eating.

The food portion for a Cavapoo puppy is about ¾ cup per day divided over three or four mealtimes depending on the age of the puppy.

Your puppy’s food should be rich in antioxidants and vitamins to ensure that their immunity is strong in the early stages of their life. The food that you give your puppy should be 30% lean protein and 20% fat.

Cavapoo Feeding Chart

Cavapoo Feeding Schedule

Feeding your Cavapoo the right number of calories will ensure that they maintain a healthy weight.

You can monitor the amount of food using a Cavapoo puppy feeding chart, and this will help you create a feeding schedule for your puppy.

Multiply the Resting Energy Requirement (RER) of your Cavapoo and multiply it by two to find the number of daily calories that they need to eat. RER is calculated as 70(weight in kg)3/4

For example, if the weight of your Cavapoo is 3kg their RER is 70(3)3/4 = 160. Therefore, the total calories that you should feed your puppy should be 320 calories per day.

2-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy

At two weeks old, your Cavapoo puppy is still with their mother and depends on them for nutrition. The mother’s milk contains all the necessary nutrients that the puppy needs in this stage of growth and development.

If the mother’s milk is not enough for all the puppies in the litter, the breeder should feed the puppies formula which contains similar nutrients as the mother’s milk to ensure that they gain a healthy weight.

4-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy 

At 4 weeks, your puppy will begin being curious about the world around them making it the right time to introduce puppy food to them to see whether they are interested or not.

Ensure that the amount of food you are giving them is ¾ water and 2/4 puppy food because they cannot eat much, and their stomach is small.

They are still drinking their mother’s milk for nutrition.

6-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy

When your Cavapoo is 6 weeks old, they are ready to be weaned and transitioned to puppy food. The transition process should be done slowly to avoid causing stomach issues in your puppy.

The ratio of the food should be 50:50, half food, and half water. When the puppy is used to the food, you can add less water until they can eat only the food.

8-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy

If you have not introduced puppy food to your Cavapoo, this is the right time to do it because they are transitioning to their new home.

Creating a feeding schedule will ensure that your puppy is obedient and that their weight remains healthy.

At 8 weeks, puppies need to be fed ¾ cup of food per day divided over 4 meals.

Cavapoo Feeding Charts

10-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy 

At this age, your Cavapoo puppy starts to get hungrier, but you should maintain the feeding schedule by giving them ¾ cup per day divided four times.

Puppies experience rapid growth spurt at this stage; therefore, it is important to avoid feeding them more than they need as they can gain unnecessary weight.

12-Week-Old Cavapoo Puppy

At 12 weeks, you will reduce the number of times you are feeding your puppy to three but still give them ¾ cup of food per day. However, if your puppy is very active you can feed them more food to ensure that they have enough energy.

Best Puppy Dog Food for Cavapoos

Best Dog Food For Cavapoo

#1. Purina Blend Healthy Puppy Dog Food

Editor’s Choice

Start the life of your puppy with great food by feeding them the Purina Blend Healthy puppy food.

This dog food has real farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient plus accents of carrots and peas blended into it to provide wholesome goodness to support the growth of your puppy.

This dog food is packed with protein, plenty of calcium, and DHA. The kibble in this food is bite-size which is the right size for your puppy’s small mouth. This premium food has a crunchy texture and great taste that your puppy enjoys every mealtime.


  • Real chicken is a source of protein that supports the growth of strong muscles.
  • Calcium supports strong bones and teeth.
  • DHA supports vision and brain development.


  • Not suitable for picky eaters.

#2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Dog Food


Ensure that your puppy gets all the nutrients they need in the early stages of their life by feeding them the Rachael Ray Bright Puppy food.

The first ingredient of this puppy food is real chicken, and it is formulated with fiber-filled brown rice and tasty peas.

This high-quality puppy food has plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as minerals, vitamins, and taurine. This puppy food does not contain preservatives, flavors, chicken by-products, or wheat gluten.


  • Supports lean muscle mass and healthy organs.
  • Supports vision and brain development.
  • Supports healthy skin and coat.
  • Supports strong teeth, growing muscles, and healthy joints.


  • Some packaging issues.

#3. Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

With Purina ONE SmartBlend, you will be able to put your puppy on a path to wholesome goodness.

The number one ingredient in this puppy food is real chicken and has added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

The combination of meaty, tender morsels and crunchy kibble fills this food with delicious texture and taste.

Each serving is loaded with protein and formulated with 100% nutrition and 0% fillers. Ingredients include oatmeal, rice, DHA, selenium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, omega-6 fatty acids, and Vitamin A and E.


  • Protein supports a healthy heart and growing muscles.
  • Contains a blend of antioxidants for a healthy immune system.
  • Supports strong joints and bones.
  • Supports the development of the eyes and brain.
  • Supports healthy digestion


  • Not suitable for picky eaters.

Best Food For Cavapoo

#4. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet puppy food provides precise nutrition for your puppy to ensure that they get the correct nutrition for their growth as they are designed for puppies up to 1-year-old.

This recipe is formulated with wholesome ingredients like savory chicken and barley to provide balanced nutrition that supports your puppy’s needs.

This puppy food is made in the United States and every ingredient meets the requirements for nutrient content and purity that exceeds the standards of the industry.


  • The smaller kibble size makes it easy for puppies to digest.
  • The DHA supports learning ability, and healthy eye and brain development.
  • Antioxidants support a healthy immune system.
  • Does not contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


  • None found.

#5. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Dry dog food provides your puppy with 100% balanced and complete nutrition.

Real chicken is the first ingredient in this food and contains rice which is a great source of carbohydrate that provides your puppy with the energy that they need.

This puppy food formula is highly digestible and provides your puppy with optimal nutrition as it does not have any artificial flavors or colors.

The tender shreds and hard kibble in this chicken and rice food are the right sizes for your puppy’s teeth and mouth.


  • DHA nourishes vision and brain development.
  • Antioxidants support the immune system.
  • Live probiotics support digestive health.
  • Calcium and phosphorus support strong teeth and bones.
  • Real chicken supports healthy muscles.


  • None

2-Month-Old Cavapoo Puppy Weight

A toy Cavapoo weighs about 22oz while a mini Cavapoo weighs about 3 pounds at 2 months. The weight can vary depending on your puppy and your puppy can grow rapidly at this stage.

3-Month-Old Cavapoo Puppy Weight

At three months, a toy Cavapoo weighs around 28oz while a mini Cavapoo weighs around 4 pounds. You must monitor your puppy’s weight to ensure that they are not overweight or underweight.

4-Month-Old Cavapoo Puppy Weight

A toy Cavapoo weighs around 38oz while a mini Cavapoo weighs about 6 pounds at 4 months.

At this stage, your puppy’s energy is elevated and may need more food to maintain the energy level. Speak to your vet about this to avoid overfeeding your puppy.

Understanding Cavapoo Puppy Nutritional Needs

Cavapoo puppy food should be nutritious and suitable for them as well as sufficient to enable them to grow healthy.

There are several types of food available to choose from including grain-free, dry, wet, vegetables, rice, and food with fish.

When choosing food for your Cavapoo, check the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that it has real foods and does not have any colors, additives, preservatives, or flavors.

Also, the food should be high in quality and contain nutritious ingredients that help the puppy grow.

Kibble Vs Wet Food For Cavapoo Puppies

When your dog comes to live with you, they should already be weaned off from their mother milk.

Weaning starts from six weeks to eight weeks after the puppy can fully transition to solid food. Just after weaning, feed your puppy wet food or soften the dry meal with some water for them to easily eat.

With a puppy who still has soft teeth, wet food is more palatable and easier to eat, but dry food also helps the development of gums and teeth.

After some weeks, the puppy’s teeth will start to be strong, and you can start feeding your puppy with dry food only.

How Much Do Cavapoo Puppies Grow Each Week?

Cavapoo Diet

Always check on your Cavapoo puppy’s weight as they grow. From the age of one month, Cavapoo puppies gain 0.25 pounds per week until when they are 5 months old.

The growth then increases slightly to 0.5 pounds per week until the age of 9 months where it slows down until they reach their adult weight at 12 months.

The weight gain is different for different Cavapoos; therefore, you should monitor your puppy and see their weight changes.

Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Food

It is good to know when to switch from puppy food to adult food depending on the breed of the puppy. Cavapoos mature between the ages of 6 and 12 months, making it the right time to transition to adult food.

If you find that your Cavapoo liked the meal you were feeding them as a puppy, stick to that flavor when they are transitioning to adult food.

In the beginning, give your Cavapoo 90% of the puppy meal with 10% of the new adult food.

When you find that your puppy is eating their meal without any problems, gradually increase the ratio of adult food to puppy food within one or two weeks.

What If My Cavapoo Won’t Eat?

Most puppies rapidly scoff down their meals, but some can be very fussy. It can indicate a health problem if your puppy is not eating regularly.

Lethargy accompanied by a change in behavior indicates illness. Check for growth, sores, or foreign objects in the throat or mouth.

If there are no external symptoms but the dog is still not eating, has diarrhea, or vomiting their food, then it is an internal problem.

Visit the vet if your puppy is experiencing the above. If the vet has cleared your puppy from any illnesses, examine your home atmosphere, especially the area the puppy eats; try making it a quiet place.

Can You Free Feed A Cavapoo Puppy?

Free feeding involves always leaving a bowl of food for your puppy. Therefore, your puppy has constant access to food. Free feeding is convenient and easy, but it has its disadvantages.

It can lead to obesity in your puppy. If your dog gets into a habit of eating more than they need, they will have unnecessary weight gain.

Free-feeding works if you feed your puppy dry food because wet foods do not stay fresh for long.

Free-feeding also makes it difficult for you to monitor your dog’s eating habits, and you may not be able to know when your dog is sick.

Should You Feed A Cavapoo Puppy Supplements?

The best thing to do for your dog’s wellbeing is to switch to natural good, quality, and raw food. The diet supplements can take the nutrition of your puppy to another level.

Supplements act as a complement to food. Added support help to fuel nourishment and fine-tune your dog’s nutritional intake.

Ensure that you select natural and whole food supplements with no synthetics, chemicals, and non-species appropriate ingredients.

Giving your puppy food supplements will help you enhance the density of nutrients in the food and the peace of mind that your dog’s health is covered.

How Much Water Should A Cavapoo Puppy Drink?

Puppies need more water to stay hydrated than adults because they are active. After weaning, puppies need fresh water to hydrate since they have started feeding on dry food or canned food.

Your puppy needs about 1 to one ounce of water per pound. Growing puppies will need around half a cup of water every two hours.

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