How Dogs Make You & Your Family Healthier Infographic

There are so many reasons on WHY you should get a dog, and why they are really good for you and your family’s health. Your health should be one thing that you never compromise on, and any advantage is a good thing. This Infographic, created by Dog Food Smart perfectly sums up to a ‘T’ how your furry four legged friends, no matter if they are a Husky, a Boxer, a German Shepherd or any other breed, benefit you and your family.

How Does Make You Healhier Infographic

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Being Active:

To say that they keep you active and on your toes is an understatement. Dogs like German Shepherds, Huskies and Boxers need to be active. They will want to go for walks and runs and the simple thing of taking them out for their daily exercise after they chomp down their dog food, ensures that you too, get your share of being active, whether you realise it or not. Did you know that walking for just half an hour out of your whole day can help keep Arthritis at bay? Getting a dog in your life means that the older you will thank you.

Being Connected:

Having a dog brings people closer together. Seeing the loyalty of a dog, the happiness they have in seeing you after just a few hours makes you appreciate your family and close ones even more.

Being Calmer:

Dogs can have a very soothing effect for you and your loved ones. Their peaceful demeanors help your over active little one to calm down, while also soothing your family’s elderly members.

Having a friend:

How many of us tend to talk to our dogs while we’re cuddling their furry coats? No matter what you try to do, they will patiently wait for you to succeed at whatever it is you’re trying to do – whether it is your little one learning how to walk, or being a simple friend who is always there for you.

Being safer:

Anyone will tell you that having a dog gives you a sense of security. They always watch out for you and your loved ones and their alert ears and senses can detect danger way before you can. Also, One look at your German Shepherd is enough to keep most people with bad intent away from your loved ones.

Lower Blood pressure:

Because they make people happier, you’ll find that your family members have a lower blood pressure when you have a family dog.

Having better immunity:

Dogs tend to roam all over the place and their fur is a perfect place for all things to get snagged on. Needless to say, their bodies carry a lot of germs, which is then shared with your young ones. This exposure helps your children to get better immunity against a variety of germs and diseases.

Being happier at work:

You can always unload all your work stress to your dog when you get home, but if you have a work mascot who is a dog, your productivity will soar up the roof. Happier employees always make for better productivity.

Being loved:

Dogs have bottomless wells of love and affection and they shower this on us unconditionally, no matter who you are. Isn’t this the best feeling ever to come home to?

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