American Bulldog Growth Chart (Weight Chart) – When Do American Bulldogs Stop Growing 

As the name implies, American bulldogs originate from North America and are a muscular and athletic dog breed. Though larger, they are closely related to the similarly named English bulldogs.

An American bulldog growth chart is useful to owners because adult American bulldogs can be notably large; therefore, knowledge of their normal growth period is important.

American Bulldogs are great at helping with farm work and hunting stray cattle because of their robust form and agility. Some American Bulldogs can even jump as high as six feet or more, into the air.

Additionally, they make great companions and are the perfect family dogs because they are intelligent and affectionate.

Dog parents should know that American Bulldogs require ample exercise, or they tend to get into mischief. They need to run or walk to maintain the muscular form.

When Do American Bulldogs Stop Growing 

American Bulldog Weight Chart

If you have an American Bulldog puppy you may be wondering when he may reach adulthood. The answer is simple! As with many other large breed canines, American Bulldogs need approximately two years or 24 months to reach full maturity.

This is a longer time than smaller breed dogs who typically take around one year to reach adulthood.

It should be noted that some dogs grow at a faster or slower rate than others. It is important to ensure that your dog develops in a healthy environment and is given the best nutrition possible. You should be taking him in for routine veterinary check-ups.

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American Bulldog Weight Chart 

The following American Bulldog weight chart shows the related size of your American Bulldog and weight as they go through the stages of development. Therefore, if you find that your dog’s weight is not precisely the same as the chart, you shouldn’t worry too much.  

It’s important, however, to understand that if you find your American Bulldog’s weight is a lot less than on the chart, you should take an evaluation of his total wellbeing and health. It could be that your American Bulldog is too lean and susceptible to serious illnesses.

If your Bulldog’s weight is more than any of the numbers in the chart, you should not give it too much thought. A few extra pounds over the stated range is quite acceptable, as not all American Bulldogs may fall within the established range.

You should use this chart as a guide, and understand that the numbers may not be appropriate for every dog. As a responsible dog parent, you may have a clearer idea about his overall health. You need to always check with your veterinarian whenever you notice anything strange or have doubts.

American Bulldog Puppy Weight Chart

Age Weight in lbsWeight in kg
3 Months25.1 lbs - 42.6 lbs11.4 kg - 19.3 kg
4 Months 30.8 lbs - 58.4 lbs14 kg - 26.5 kg
5 months38.6 lbs - 66.7 lbs17.5 kg - 30.2 kg
6 months46.8 lbs - 77.6 lbs21.2 kg - 35.2 kg
7 months52.5 lbs - 88.2 lbs23.8 kg - 40 kg
8 months56.2 lbs - 96.6 lbs25.5 kg - 43.8 kg
9 Months59.5 lbs - 102.5 lbs27 kg - 46.5 kg
10 Months 62.2 lbs - 108 lbs28.2 kg - 49 kg
11 Months 62.8 lbs - 112.8 lbs28.5 kg - 51.2 kg
12 Months 63.9 lbs - 116.4 lbs29 kg - 52.8 kg

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American Bulldog Growth Chart – What To Expect

American Puppy Growth Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

At this stage, your American Bulldog puppies are, undeveloped and require their mother’s milk for nutrition and warmth. The senses of touch, smell, and taste are there, but they can’t hear or see yet.

You can expect them to be sleeping and nursing most of the time because they gain their strength. They also can’t walk yet because their muscles need to form. 

American Bulldog puppies have a high mortality rate, so it is advised to separate puppies right after birth for their survival then put them back to live with mothers when they are able to open their eyes. This will reduce the chances of the mother squeezing them to death carelessly.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks 

Your American Bulldog will open his eyes and begin to use his sense of hearing, during this time. He will develop muscles that are strong enough to stand up, play with his littermates, run, and bark. He may be a bit uncoordinated, but his teeth will start to grow.

Not only that, but he will gradually start to be cognizant of his surroundings as his eyesight develops. He will also acquire control over his bowel movements and bladder. His coordination will also improve as he explores and perhaps gets into mischief. 

American Bulldog Growth Chart

 4 Months – 9 Months 

During this period, your American Bulldog’s adult teeth begin to appear, and he will need to sharpen them. You will find that he won’t chew important things he finds lying around if you invest in some chew toys.

You should know that quality time is necessary to create a strong bond with your puppy as you are now the main caregiver.

10 Months – 18 Months 

Your American Bulldog will attain sexual maturity during this stage, and go through radical hormonal alterations, which occur a bit differently in male and female dogs.

Male dogs are typically sexually active all throughout the year. In contrast, the female dogs that are going through sexual maturity customarily enter their heat cycle around twice per year, and it lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Events he encounters in this stage tend to remain with him for a lifetime, therefore, it is an especially important part of development.


American Bulldogs will enter adulthood when they are around two years old. At this age, they attain most of their development and are very spirited and playful.

They still need sufficient nutrition so that they will have healthy muscles and bones. Good nutrition will also allow them to ward off harmful diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies. 

American Bulldog Development

During his development to adulthood, your puppy will undergo many mental and emotional stages of maturity. He will reach mental adulthood between 1 and 4 years of age, depending on his individual personality. 

Factors That Affect American Bulldog Puppy Growth 


Your dog’s ancestors play an important part in his present physical health because those genes are passed down and impact your dog’s ability to grow as well as his susceptibility to certain illnesses.

Genetic traits have a major influence on an American Bulldog’s development. These biological determinants regulate the rate of growth as well as other crucial factors which aid in their advancement. 


As responsible dog-parents, you should give your dogs the most nutritious foods available because there are many low-quality foods that do not provide adequate nutrients. 

American Bulldog Right Weight

The food you give your American Bulldog will determine his ability to grow. His growth will be stunted if you always offer him low-quality food that doesn’t contain the sufficient vitamins and minerals he needs to develop. Your dog’s diet impacts growth as well as his overall quality of life.

Physical Activity & Health 

American Bulldogs are amazing hunters, so they love physical activity.  You should ensure that they have enough exercise so that muscular development and bone density can happen. It will help your puppy will grow naturally and meet his developmental milestones.

He will also have a better mood and well-being if permitted to engage in frequent physical activity. His body will be fitter and this will help to keep him healthy. 

American bulldogs have fun with a variety of fitness activities. You can have him play fetch, or you guys can go jogging or for a walk. He will enjoy these activities with you most of all, so you should allocate sufficient time to this. 

American Bulldog Puppy Growth

American Bulldog Types 

Two dog breeders by the name of John D Johnson and Allen Scott Discovered the two types of American Bulldogs that are known today. These are the Johnson American Bulldog and The Scott American Bulldog. 

Johnson American Bulldogs –  these are known as the “bully” or “classic” American Bulldog and are the larger of the two types. They closely resemble English Bulldog puppies as they are crossed with this breed.

In comparison to the two types, they are generally more muscular in build.  This type was developed by John D Johnson who conducted research on the descendants of the English Bulldog breed as well as the Offspring of American Bulldogs.

Scott American Bulldogs – Discovered by Allen Scott, this type is also called the “performance” or “standard” type of American Bulldog because they are smaller but have the benefits of being more agile than the Johnson American Bulldogs.

They can sometimes be mistaken for the American Pitbull Terrier because of their physical features.

American Bulldog Height 

With American Bulldogs, the type of bulldog in question determines the size. Scott American Bulldogs tend to be a bit smaller in stature than Johnson American Bulldogs. But overall American Bulldogs are slightly taller than English or French bulldogs.

American Bulldogs have a standard size of approximately 20 and 28 inches in height for males, beginning at their shoulders. The females are slightly shorter between 20 and 25 inches by the time puppies reach adulthood.

When Do American Bulldogs Stop Growing

Remember that they can be bigger or smaller than the standard size.  Once they reach adulthood, male bulldog’s average weight is approx. more than 50 kg  while female bulldogs’ average weight comes under 50 kg.

American Bulldog Temperament 

The American Bulldog is very similar in temperament even though they are larger than the English Bulldog. American Bulldogs are confident, alert, and loyal to their people and are spirited, loving dogs that enjoy the company of children.

If you train them from a young age, you will have a better experience with them. They can be strong-willed if clear boundaries are not put in place. 

As a dog parent, you should set aside time for exercise with your American bulldog as they tend to get bored and may cause a bit of trouble. They have strong protective instincts and are known for their acts of heroism with their owners.

How Long Are American Bulldogs Pregnant? 

The gestation period of the American bulldog lasts for approximately 58 to 68 days which is in line with other bulldog breeds. However, the average delivery time of American Bulldogs lasts 63 days. The delivery time may vary depending on the mother’s health and age and breed type.

American Bulldog Pregnancy

The length of time your dog will stay pregnant also depends on the litter size. Your vet can do an X-ray to count the number of puppies inside, so you can be prepared.

Many people believe that bulldogs can’t deliver naturally, and they always require a c-section. But this is not true. Though C-sections, this is not always the case. 

How Many Puppies Do American Bulldogs Have? 

On average, American Bulldogs give birth to 7-15 puppies in the same litter. This litter size may vary greatly based on bulldog breed, age of mother dog, and health. But American bulldogs generally have a larger size of litter.

Sometimes it can reach up to 16 puppies per litter. But this is determined by a variety of factors as well.

That said, the survival ratio of puppies in a large litter is very low. Most puppies even die beneath the weight of the mother dog.

Immediately after birth, the mother is not naturally aware of her puppies’ presence and may squeeze or sit on them by mistake. This is especially so if the mother is very young and this is her first pregnancy. 

What If My American Bulldog Is Not The Right Weight 

You will know that an American Bulldog is at his ideal weight when you can see his ribs while breathing. Overweight dogs will naturally weigh more than the indicated range, but this is not their ideal size.

You also need to take into account your dog’s level of physical activity and age because they will have more muscle mass if they are involved in daily vigorous exercise.  

Your dog’s last two ribs should be visible if he is in a calm state. He should have a tuck where the stomach comes up higher than the rib cage. On the other hand,  if there are hip points, and you can see most of the vertebrae, he is underweight. 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of American Bulldogs? 

In general, American Bulldogs are known to be a healthy breed with a prolonged lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Nonetheless, many are susceptible to medical conditions such as mange, cataracts, or hypothyroidism.

American Puppy Weight Chart

They may develop hip or elbow dysplasia if they were obese early in life. The American Bulldog is the healthiest of the bulldog breeds, which is why they have the longest lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A American Bulldog? 

To purchase an American Bulldog puppy costs between $1,500-$4,500 with the average price being $2,500. The first-year expenses are approximately $5,175 and will be about $1,370/year, then on. By the month it is likely to cost around or $114. 

The average cost of owning an American Bulldog is about $16,135, during his lifetime. This will be enough to take care of all his needs like training costs,  medical expenses, licenses, food supplies, grooming expenses, and a microchip if you need one. 

American Bulldog Genetics And Common Health Problems 

American bulldogs have short snouts which makes it more difficult for them to tolerate hot weather, especially during physical activity. You should ensure that they have sufficient water and monitor them and make sure they are not struggling to breathe.

Some of them need to be disposed of early due to certain medical conditions such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia: This is one of the most frequently seen skeletal diseases in dogs. 
  • Bone Cancer: The American bulldog is one of the breeds particularly susceptible to this disease. 
  • Eye Conditions: Mostly entropion, which occurs when part of the eyelid folds inward or is inverted. 
  • Thyroid Deficiency: This is an inherited disease of thyroid deficiency. 

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