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Eating Habits of Siberian Huskies

Husky Eating Habbits
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Siberian Huskies are robust dogs and their ancestors were integral to the only mode of transport in places which faced extreme weather. Built to withstand the cold of the Great White North, Siberian Huskies were trained to carry light loads over large distances. They can run for miles on end, stop for a bite and then continue for miles again.

These dogs are not like any other – they are built for speed, power and are known to be super intelligent dogs who will defy commands given, if they sense danger ahead. This being said, these endurance runners have special diet requirements that will keep the fit, healthy and happy.

Types of Diet for Siberian Huskies

  • Healthier Raw Foods: It is recommended that you should definitely include nutritional raw foods like fruits and vegetables, but also to include meats like chicken, beef, lamb and fish. However, you should avoid feeding your Husky grapes, raisins or prunes as this could lead to severe kidney damage.
  • Commercially sold dog food: While this is not bad, it would be better if you didn’t feed your Husky only commercial dog food. It is definitely the less expensive option of the two, and you can buy in bulk and store it for a long time, but Huskies do have a tendency to get bored of the same food.

Create a consistent feeding schedule

Huskies need a fixed time to feed, especially if they get consistent regular exercise. Just like how you wouldn’t eat a full meal before hitting the gym, similarly, you shouldn’t feed your Husky just before you take your dog out for exercise. Give a gap of at least two hours after feeding and give your Husky half an hour to cool down before feeding your Husky. Ignoring these timings will result in your Husky suffering from gastric torsion, or a bloated tummy with gas.

Add variety to your Husky’s diet

Just like how you like eating different things daily, and would probably get sick if you ate the same food day in and day out, your Husky too can get bored of the same diet. Add some variety with a type of meat your dog usually doesn’t get to eat, or adding different vegetables and fruits. In fact, constantly adding a slightly different ingredient on a daily basis will ensure your Husky gets a whole new meal without altering their diet abruptly.

Feeding your Husky the right amount

Huskies were bred and lived in conditions where food was often hard to come by, and their bodies have become accustomed to eating fewer amounts than many other dogs, while burning their calories and nutrients efficiently. Unlike other dogs, who don’t know when to stop eating and may continue eating if food is placed in front of them until they fall ill, Huskies are intelligent dogs who will eat only until they are full. It is recommended that you should feed your Husky about 60% of the suggested amount given on the label of your dog food.

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