How Much To Feed A Yorkie Puppy? Yorkie Feeding Chart

Whether you have recently adopted a Yorkshire Terrier or are considering adopting one, one of the most important things that you need to know is how much to feed a Yorkie puppy.

Getting your puppy off to the right start includes giving him the right food.

You will need to choose the right puppy food, know how much and how often to give it to him, and what you should be watching out for as far as their growth and development goes.

Here’s a Yorkie growth chart if you want to stay on top of your Yorkie’s weight. 

This is what you need to know about feeding and caring for a Yorkie puppy.

How Much Should A Yorkie Puppy Eat?

While Yorkies are one of the smallest breeds of dogs that you can get, they still require a consistent and healthy feeding schedule.

A Yorkie puppy should be having meals 3 to 4 times a day, with amounts divided equally throughout the day.

A puppy will only eat between ¼ and ½ cups of food throughout the day. This might not seem like much, but remember that these are small dogs and do not need much to eat.

By knowing how much to feed a Yorkie puppy and keeping him on a feeding schedule, you will make your Yorkie as healthy and happy as you can.

Yorkie Puppy Feeding Chart

Yorkie Feeding Chart

How Much: A Yorkie puppy should only be fed about ¼ to ½ cup of food a day.

How Often: Feed your Yorkie puppy 3 to 4 meals a day.

Food Types: Small breed dogs are prone to dental issues, so feeding your Yorkie puppy dry food is a must. They tend to have a lot of energy and need a good balance of nutrition to fuel their energy.

Be Careful: Yorkies will not eat much at a time due to their small size and it might deceive you into giving him more food. That is a fast track to obesity, so just feed on schedule and prevent the puppy from overeating.

Our Recommended Dog Food For Yorkie Puppies

1. Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Food (Editor’s Choice)
2. Earthborn Holistic (Runner-Up)
3. American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato (Budget Friendly)

How Much To Feed A Yorkie Puppy?

Feeding Yorkie Puppy

2 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

Your 2 week old Yorkie puppy is not going to be going anywhere. By this time, the puppies should have opened their eyes for the first time and begun to take in the world around them.

These puppies are completely reliant on their mother for her milk.

They cannot have any regular puppy dog food at this age. They should still be allowed to nurse on demand from their mother and she should not be straying far from her litter.

3 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

When your Yorkie puppy has reached 3 weeks of age, he will have an easier time seeing the world around him, but he will not stray very far from his mother. They are still so tiny and delicate at this age, but they are also uncoordinated.

He might be experimenting with walking but will be awkward. At 3 weeks, the puppy should still be solely reliant upon his mother’s milk.

4 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

If you want to get a jumpstart on the weaning process, you can start your attempts when your Yorkie has reached 4 weeks old. Do not be surprised if the puppy rejects your idea.

You will need to do a food mixture that is one part food to 3 parts water.

Your 4 week old Yorkie puppy might show no interest in it at all. He should still be nursing from his mother at this point.

5 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

When a puppy is 5 weeks old, you should be trying to get him more interested in the food concoction that you may have offered him the previous week.

He might show more interest now, but could also be still unwilling to taste it.

Regardless, the mother dog should still be nursing the puppies, so don’t worry if he isn’t interested in weaning just yet. Some breeders might try to force it at this point, but it is best to wait until the puppy is ready

6 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

By 6 weeks old, a Yorkie puppy should be showing more interest in the food/water mixture that you will have already offered him.

If he is eating it, after a couple of days, reduce the amount of water in the mixture by half, then to 3 parts food to 1 part water, until you are just giving the puppy dry dog food.

Dry kibble is much better on a Yorkie’s teeth than wet food, because it cleans their teeth.

7 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

At 7 weeks old, a Yorkie puppy may or may not still be nursing from his mother. The mother should be spending much less time with the puppies and more time by herself.

If she comes around the puppies, they will eagerly still nurse from her, but it is doubtful that she will be staying for long. The puppies should be eating the puppy kibble, 3 to 4 times a day in small quantities.

8 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

8 weeks is a big week for a Yorkie puppy. This is the week that they get rehomed. The puppies should be completely reliant on the kibble now but still might try to nurse off their mother if she comes near them.

If you are adopting an 8 week old Yorkie puppy at this point, try to find out what puppy food that he has been eating so you don’t upset his stomach after you bring him home.

9 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

When your Yorkie puppy is 9 weeks old, he should be rehomed and getting used to his new environment.

Being separated from his mother means that you can put him on a solid feeding schedule that will not be interrupted by nursing.

If you are changing the food that he eats, do it gradually, mixing the old food with the new food to prevent stomach upset, unless the puppy is having trouble with the previous food. Then you can just change it out.

10 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

A 10 week old Yorkie puppy should be getting used to the rules of your home. He should be receiving 3 to 4 meals a day.

Depending on the size of your Yorkie, as well as his appetite, you should be feeding him about ¼ cup to ½ cup of food in total per day.

This won’t look like much, but Yorkies do not need much food, especially as puppies. Remove any food that wasn’t eaten after a few minutes.

11 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

At 11 weeks, your Yorkie puppy is likely full of a lot of energy. This is a period of big growth for your Yorkie puppy. If he seems more hungry than normal, you can increase his food by 1/8 of a cup, making sure to remove any leftover food that wasn’t eaten.

Your puppy’s stomach should be getting larger as well and will need more calories to help him grow well.

12 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

When your Yorkie puppy has reached 12 weeks old, you will need to make sure that your puppy is staying small and trim. Yorkies do not need baby fat but need to be kept small due to their small frames.

Depending on the length of your puppy’s fur, it might be hard to discern a waist in your puppy, so regular vet trips with weight checks are needed. A 12 week old Yorkie puppy still needs 3 meals a day as well.

How Many Calories Does A Yorkie Puppy Need 

Yorkie Calorie Needs

The caloric needs of your Yorkie will be determined by his weight, age, and level of physical activity.

Nevertheless, there is an average that can be given based on what a typical Yorkshire Terrier should be fed according to research.

As a rule of thumb, younger Yorkie puppies require about 200 calories every day, while 150 calories are appropriate for adult dogs.

But for senior Yorkie dogs, you need to reduce this amount to 120 calories because they are considerably less active, and being overweight can cause serious complications. 

Past research on Yorkies is not the only way to understand the number of calories that they need. You also have the option of trying the RER method.

There are two main ways of calculating the RER method. The first method is aimed at medium-sized breeds, and the second method may be used to measure small and large breeds.

The Yorkie is a small breed, so we need the second formula which is weight in kgs to the ¾ power x 70 = RER 

For instance, if your Yorkie weighs or 1.36 kg, and we apply the formula, we will get

70 x (1.36 kg)3⁄4 = 88 kcal/day 

Can You Free Feed A Yorkie Puppy?

It is a good idea to free feed very young Yorkies when they are in the process of being weaned. You may continue to free-feed your Yorkie puppy until he is about 3 months. 

You can also wait until they weigh 2 .5 pounds. After this time, it is okay to begin feeding them in a more structured manner. 

You can free feed by simply leaving fresh food in places that your dog should eat. It must be easily accessible at all times.

You should refrain from topping off new and fresh food over the old food because this means that the old food may remain at the bottom. Your dog can potentially become sick from this practice.

Should You Feed Your Yorkie Puppy Dry Or Wet Food? 

Yorkie Eating

Wet food is preferable to dry food by a lot of puppies, especially because wet food is softer. But wet food is not necessarily better for your dog.

Dry food is actually healthier for your dog’s gums and teeth. You may also notice that if your dog is on wet food, his stool will be runny.

Many people mix dry kibble with wet dog food, and it solves the problem. You also have the option of adding water to dry kibble to soften it up.

When it comes to a Yorkie who has a small mouth, you need to be careful about the kibble size. It may be too large for him to chew, and cause problems.

Can You Feed A Yorkie Puppy Raw Food?

Yorkshire Terriers are the descendants of dogs who survived in the wild, therefore a raw food diet can be of great benefit to them.

This way of eating is also called BARF, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food. This type of diet is beneficial mainly because the food doesn’t have additives or unhealthy fillers.

Even though this type of diet can be greatly beneficial and there are downsides that should be mentioned.  A raw food diet should be conducted by someone who is well-informed about the nutritional requirements of a Yorkie.

The handling and storage of the food should be done with utmost care because salmonella and E. coli can make your dog very sick.

Your Yorkie can have different meats like rabbits, pork, fresh, turkey, beef, and lamb. It is better to feed him a single source of protein, to begin with, and then diversify.

This should be around 2-4% of his body weight every day. As he gets used to the raw diet you can now start introducing vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, and spinach. You can also feed him fruits like oranges, apples, watermelon, and pears.

What Human Foods Can A Yorkie Puppy Eat

As a dog owner, you need to understand that Yorkshire Terriers are pedigree dogs, so their diets are very important.

They need to be fed correctly to prevent a host of health problems. But this does not mean that there are not foods that can be consumed by both dogs and humans.

We know that’s dogs require a high level of animal protein to be healthy, and humans consume animal protein as well.  So this is a great example of human foods that can be eaten by Yorkies.

They also need fiber and important nutrients which may be found in fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelon, and pears and vegetables like pumpkin carrots, broccoli, and spinach.

What Human Foods Are Dangerous For A Yorkie Puppy

It is important to understand that while there are human foods that your Yorkie can consume, there are also foods that may be dangerous to them if eaten. In some cases, it may just cause an upset stomach or diarrhea, but in other cases, it may be fatal. These foods are as follows:

  • Chocolate – Many people know that chocolate is harmful to dogs. It is actually very serious as it may cause muscle tremors, seizures, and sometimes death.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is also harmful to your dog as it is toxic to the system, this is why it is not a good idea to feed your dog human snacks, as many of them contain caffeine.
  • Grapes and Raisins – This has been shown to be harmful to some dogs, causing kidney failure, but doesn’t appear to be harmful to other dogs. The best thing to do is err on the side of caution and not give this to your Yorkie.
  • Onions and garlic –  these also include shallots. Anything in the onion family has proven to be toxic to the system of a dog.
  • Alcohol and Raw Bread Dough – Alcohol contains ethanol that can be poisonous to a dog, while raw bread dough can cause stomach expansion and breathing difficulty.

How Much Water Should A Yorkie Puppy Drink

If you would like to know how much you should feed your Yorkie puppy, you need to look at his level of activity, health status, amount of water is present in his daily food, and the humidity of his environment. 

Generally, for toy breed dogs the rule of thumb is about 1 to 1.5 ounces of water for every pound of his body weight.

At night, it is advised that you remove your puppy’s water bowl so that while he is being housetrained, he will have a regular amount of water.

Should You Feed A Yorkie Puppy Supplements? 

Supplements should definitely be a part of your Yorkie’s diet, especially if his food is not nutrient-dense.

A Yorkie’s coat is made better by various supplements such as Vitamin E, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids. Vitamin A is essential to maintaining a Yorkie’s eyesight, particularly at night.

A Yorkie’s coat may look dull and flat when there is a nutritional deficiency. You may also find that your dog sustains constant infections and skin irritations.

You should feed your Yorkie puppy an ample amount of essential fatty acids so that he will be healthy and his coat will be shiny and beautiful.

How Much To Feed A Teacup Yorkie

Feeding Teacup Yorkie

Generally, teacup Yorkies need about 55 calories for every pound of bodyweight for puppies and about 40 calories for every pound of body weight for adults. Because there is a decrease in activity, senior dogs need less than younger adults. 

Different foods have different levels of calories so some are calorie-dense and others are not.

The specific portions of food that your Yorkie needs will be determined by your specific dog’s level of activity, age, health status, and individual metabolism. The weather may also be important for the food you feed your puppy. 

What If My Yorkie Won’t Eat

If your Yorkie is refusing to eat, there may be a number of reasons. This could be because of a lack of appetite, a stomach disorder, or a change in food brands. A limited appetite may end up being a serious issue in the long term.

This is because the low weight may have dangerous consequences for smaller breeds like Yorkshire Terriers. You should visit the vet as soon as possible.

You need to find out why your Yorkie is not eating before the situation turns into a major health problem. Major problems include digestive problems, vomiting, and tooth infection. 

1. Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Editor’s Choice

Our choice for the best food for Yorkie puppies is the Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy food. This food is made specifically for the Yorkie breed.

The kibble shape and size of this food is made specifically with the needs of a Yorkie in mind, meaning the kibble is small and easy for a Yorkie puppy to pick up. It is loaded with antioxidants and Omega fatty acids as well, for a balanced diet.


  • Formulated especially for Yorkies
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Good digestive health
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Optimal kibble size for small mouths


  • Does contain animal by-products

Buy On Chewy

2. Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage


Our second choice for the best Yorkie puppy food is the Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage. This is a grain-free food that can work for any breed of puppy.

This is a protein-rich food, which includes both chicken meal and whitefish meal. The Whitefish adds the Omega fatty acids to the food.


  • Grain-free
  • Contains DHA for brain and eye health
  • Contains both chicken and whitefish
  • Has a balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Good levels of calcium and phosphorus


  • Lack of grains might be too rich for some puppies

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3. American Journey

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for a puppy food that is a little easier on the wallet, we suggest the American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato puppy food.

One of the best things about this food is that it contains none of the common dog allergens, such as corn, wheat, and soy.

It is a grain-free and gluten-free food as well. The first ingredient in this food is deboned lamb, followed by chicken and turkey.


  • Grain-free
  • Contains no common allergens
  • High-protein
  • Salmon oil and flaxseed for Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Contains fiber-rich chickpeas and sweet potatoes


  • Very high in protein, which can be hard on puppies

Buy On Chewy

2 Month Old Yorkie Puppy Weight

Yorkies are such small breeds that you cannot expect them to weigh much at all as puppies. When your Yorkie is 2 months old, he could weigh anywhere from .68 pounds up to 2 pounds, depending on the dog himself.

It varies greatly between males and females, females being slightly smaller. The dog himself will also affect the weight range, since no two dogs are exactly the same in size and weight.

3 Month Old Yorkie Puppy Weight

When your Yorkie puppy has reached 3 months of age, he should weigh somewhere between 1 and 3.25 pounds. The smaller puppies should be starting to gain some weight.

The smallest in the litter will always be small, but they should grow and gain weight steadily along their own growth curve.

The third month is a big period of growth for puppies, though it is less noticeable will the smaller breeds. They will still need a little more food.

4 Month Old Yorkie Puppy Weight

At 4 months old, your Yorkie puppy should weigh between 1.25 and 3.5 pounds. It might be difficult to tell whether your puppy is overweight, depending on the type of fur that he has.

Despite their small size and the little amount that they eat, Yorkies will happily overeat if given the opportunity.

Keep him on a strict feeding schedule to make sure he’s eating well. This will also help you watch his weight since you know exactly how much he is eating.

5 Month Old Yorkie Puppy Weight

By the time that your Yorkie has reached 5 months old, you can expect him to weigh between 1.5 pounds and 4 pounds. Your puppy should have recently gone through a dramatic growth spurt.

When this happens, you might need to increase the amount of food that you are giving him to make up for the needed calories. Keep the amount divided equally between meals and only increase it slightly if you need to.

6 Month Old Yorkie Puppy Weight

A 6-month-old Yorkie puppy should weigh between 1.75 pounds and 4.5 pounds. Remember that this breed never gets very large and if your dog is on the lighter end of the spectrum, chances are good that you just have a lighter dog.

You should be able to confirm with your vet that your dog is staying on his own growth curve, ensuring that he is growing as well as possible.

Yorkie Background

Yorkie Background

The Yorkshire Terrier, more commonly referred to as “Yorkies,” was bred about 100 years ago in England. The purpose of Yorkies was to catch rats down in mines.

They also were skilled at catching foxes and badgers. The breed was created from the Waterside Terrier, which is a small, Scottish breed, and the Paisley Terrier, which was a smaller version of the Skye Terrier.

It is also thought that a Maltese was also in the mix. The small size was the ultimate objective.

They gained the name “Yorkshire,” because the breed became well-known in the county of Yorkshire, even though they were really bred in Scotland.

Creating A Consistent Feeding Schedule

Following our Yorkie feeding chart guidelines is the best way to keep his diet as healthy as possible.

This means feeding your dog equally in each meal and feeding him at the same times every day. You do not want to feed him one meal one day and three meals another day.

This can throw off his digestion as well as making him hungry throughout the day.

Yorkies do not each much, but you still want to measure out the food at each meal to be sure that he is eating well. Never dump a full bowl of food for the dog to eat throughout the day.

How Much To Feed A Senior Yorkie 

Senior dogs begin to have physical decline and move slower. This means that they will need fewer calories daily. A good way to start is by reading the label of the dog food for the recommended amount they should be fed.

You should monitor your dog and ensure that he is full and adjust the portions accordingly. 

Generally, a Yorkshire Terrier should be fed 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup daily. The manufacturers of senior dog foods normally advise owners to start their dogs on them at 7 old. 

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