Leonberger Weight Chart – Size & Growth Chart

Initially bred for European royalty the amazing Leonberger is a charming gold-coated breed.

This is one large hell of a dog so a Leonberger weight chart will help you find out how big they will get so that you can prepare the necessary accommodations.

Figuring out their size in the future will help you to track their development every step of the way.

Leonbergers originated from Germany, and they are giants breeds with a thick mane around their necks that favors a lion.

They are very huge and strong but manage to maintain the grace of an aristocrat. And this is because of their serene and gentle nature. They got along well with the entire family.

They enjoy spending time with their favorite humans and dog owners love them too. Not just because of their bubbling personality, but their good looks as well.

When Is A Leonberger Fully Grown?

Leonberger Weight Chart 

On average a Leonbergers will attain their full size when they are about 18 – 22-month-old, but this depends on how big they will eventually be.

Obviously, the larger the dog, the longer it takes for him to grow into his final size. This is why females usually reach their final size before males do because they run slightly smaller than their are male counterparts.

Also, you must consider that physical maturity is not the only type of development that your dog must undergo. You need to also think about his behavioral and mental development because these are important as well.

Usually Leonbergers will attain mental maturity when they are around 3 years of age with the proper training in place. It is not uncommon for full-sized dogs to display behaviors found in puppies. 

Socializing your dog at an early age will set him leaps and bounds ahead when it comes to behavior. Because Leonbergers are giants breeds, it is even more important because they are capable of more damage than a smaller breed. 

Leonberger Weight Chart

You will be able to get an idea of the normal weight of your Leonberger as he develops by using the Leonberger weight chart.

Average weights of Leonbergers will be listed for the various ages throughout their development. This is useful information because you can compare these weight estimations with your Leonberger puppy as he grows.

Even though this is a useful tool for you and your Leonberger you must understand that there are many reasons that contribute to the current size of your dog, such as the genes he was born with, the food he is fed by you, and the amount of exercise he is allowed daily. This is why you should use the charts as a guide.

There will be a column showing your dog’s age, so you must have an accurate age for your dog to use the Leonberger growth chart so that you can match his age with his current weight estimation.

If ever you find that your dog weight is more or less than what is stated in the chart, then you should not immediately concern yourself here.

Continue to monitor your dog for signs of ill-health and then consult your veterinarian who would be the best person to advise about how to proceed. 

Leonberger Puppy Weight Chart

AgeWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)
3 Months16.6 - 23.6 kg36.6 - 50 lbs
4 Months22.1 - 30.2 kg48.7 - 66.6 lbs
5 Months26.6 -36.7 kg58.6 - 80.9 lbs
6 Months30.9 - 42.9 kg68.1 - 94.5 lbs
7 Months33.8 - 48.5 kg74.5 - 106.9 lbs
8 Months36.9 - 53.2 kg81.4 - 117.3 lbs
9 Months39.7 - 56.1 kg87.5 - 123.7 lbs
10 Months42.2 - 59 kg93 - 130.1 lbs
11 Months43 - 63.2 kg94.7 - 139.3 lbs
12 Months44.8 - 66.4 kg98.7 - 146.7 lbs
22 Months46.5 - 75 kg102.5 - 165.3 lbs

Leonberger Growth Chart – What To Expect

Leonberger Puppy Weight Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

Leonbergers are born in litter sizes of about 6 pups on average. They are tiny at birth and sensitive, so they need a lot of care from their mothers.

Expect that they will spend most of their time feeding on their mothers and sleeping.  They cannot yet walk or see their surroundings, but they can smell and taste. They will want to be close to their mothers and littermates for warmth.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks

This is the stage where your Leonberger puppy will go through several changes like weaning. This is especially important because during their development they must receive proper nutrition.

Leonbergers are giant breeds and so nutrition is especially important for growth. 

When making the switch from their mother’s milk to solid food some puppies may find the transition to be difficult.

You can make it a bit easier by making sure that the food you give them is soft enough for their tender mouths.  At the end of this stage your puppy should be between 14 and 20 kilograms for females and 16 to 24 kilograms for males.

4 Months – 9 Months 

You should notice a bit of a growth spurt during this stage as well as an increased appetite.

Many Leonberger puppies enter their heat cycles closer to the end of this stage, so you need to monitor them to make sure that they do not run away or engage in unsanctioned behaviors.

Leonberger Puppy Growth

Be sure to visit your veterinarian if you find anything that you are not sure about as it pertains to their help. The females usually weigh between 26 and 35 kilograms at this stage while the males would weigh 30 to 43 kg.

10 Months – 18 Months 

Your Leonberger dog will still be growing and developing at this time and should be in the full swing of his heat cycle. Their appetite will increase as well.

During this stage, they are considered teenagers. The female should weigh approximately 38 to 34 kg while males should weigh 44 to 67 kg.


This is the time when your Leonberger will be considered an adult. This goes for both males and females. But it only applies to their physical development.

Remember that your dog would have mental development to go through, although they would have lost their puppy look. The females typically reach adulthood at 19 months while the males usually take between 19 and 22 months. 

How Big Do Leonbergers Get? 

There is a clear variance between the final size of Leonberger males and females but even though the females are slightly smaller, they are quite formidable.

Leonbergers could weigh as much as a full-grown human. This is not surprising since historically they were farm dogs that would lift cumbersome carts. They are also very good swimmers, but their coat is water-resistant and very thick. 

To get an idea of how big they will be you should look at their parents. You can find this information from their breeder.

Leonberger Nutrition

Usually, Leonbergers will be an average of both their parents’ size. Also, while they are growing you can take a look at their paws because dogs typically have to grow into their paws  Since it is a bit larger than the rest of the body.

Additionally, you can do a DNA test to figure out the precise lineage of your Leonberger and in this way, you can account for any other breed that they are the descendants of, to make a better prediction of their final size.

Will Neutering/Spaying My Leonberger Affect His Growth?

It is not a good practice to have your Leonberger puppy spayed or neutered before they reach the age of 19 months. This is the time when both males and females typically begin to answer adulthood.

You should understand that spaying or neutering them before that, could affect their growth and development and may seriously impact their health.

For male dogs, they may have problems with their growth plates if they are neutered too early. And females are affected as well. However, you should watch your female dog to ensure that she does not have an unwanted pregnancy.

Consider that spaying and neutering may have a few benefits to owners like preventing unwanted pregnancies which can impact the house of your Leonberger.

And it could also reduce costs associated with new dogs. However, all surgeries come with some level of risk so understand that there is a risk for your Leonberger.

Not to mention the time spent in recovery where they will be in a delicate state and need proper care. 

Leonberger Height Chart

As your Leonberger puppy develops it may be important to you to monitor his height so that you can make inferences about his growth.

Understand that a dog’s height is measured from the ground to the withers. The wither is are just the highest points of your dog’s shoulder blades.

Leonberger Development

Ensure that your Leonberger is standing up straight and then drape the measuring tape from the floor to his withers. Then you can record this height.

Typically, male Leonbergers will stand at 28 to 32 inches tall while female Leonbergers will stand at 25 to 29 in tall.

St. Bernard vs Leonberger Size

People often compared St. Bernards with Leonbergers. St. Bernards come from Switzerland whereas Leonbergers come from Germany.

They have around the same lifespan but St. Bernards have a smaller litter size on average than Leonbergers do.

You will also notice that St. Bernards are a bit more high maintenance while Leonbergers require moderate maintenance. St. Bernards are a bit shorter than Leonbergers but may weigh more.

Leonberger males typically weigh between 130 and 170 lb while female Leonbergers usually weigh between 100 and 130 lb. When it comes to height, the males stand at 29 to 31 in tall while females are 27 to 29 in tall.

St. Bernards are quite simple because the males and females weigh very close to each other with 110 to 200 lb. They also usually stand at 25 to 28 in tall.

Factors That Affect Leonberger Growth 

Genetics & Gender

When it comes to the growth of your Leonberger, you should know that gender has a lot to do with the time and which it is completed.

For example, female Leonbergers obtain their full size at around 19 months which is about three months faster than the males. However, they are also smaller and have less growing to do.

Hereditary factors also play a great deal in how they develop and what their final size will be. Leonbergers tend to follow in their parents’ footsteps when it comes to their growth.


Feed Your Leonberger high-quality dog foods that you prepare at home, or you buy commercially. Just ensure that there is a good amount of protein in their diets.

As giant dogs, they need this because they tend to have growth spurts, and they add muscle quickly. high-quality animal proteins well help them along.

Leonberger Fully Grown

After they have reached adulthood you should watch their rations because you do not want them to be overweight as this could affect their health negatively.

Guard your dog against obesity especially when they are less active. Also, make sure that they have clean fresh water in a convenient place all the time.

Physical Activity & Health

Physical activity is especially important to a Leonberger who will need to gain muscle mass.

People who live in small apartments should reconsider choosing a Leonberger as their pets of choice, unless they intend to invest the necessary time walking them every day.

However, they do better in large yards where they can run around and play freely. They may feel cramped in tiny apartments. Regular exercise will allow them to have strong bones and muscles.

What If My Leonberger Is Not The Right Weight 

Dog owners struggle with understanding whether their dogs are overweight. Leonbergers are a large breed, so this may be even more difficult for many.

However, Leonbergers should have a BCS score of 3 which means they are at an ideal weight. It may be better to use a BCS score because using a weight chart may not give you accurate results if your dog is a bit taller or shorter.

Basically you should feel your dog’s ribs easily when you run your hands along his rib cage. If you are unable to feel his ribs through layers of fat, then you know that he is overweight.

Because Leonbergers are so fluffy you may not be able to look at them and figure out if their ribs are protruding or not. In addition to all of this, you should check with your veterinarian who will be better able to advise you.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Leonberger? 

You should understand that owning a Leonberger puppy is going to cost you. This is not just in a monetary way. You need to also spend time effort and energy to make sure that your Leonberger is maintained. They require moderate amounts of maintenance right.

To purchase a Leonberger puppy you are likely to spend $1,700 and $3,250 and this comes with the average price of $2,400.

In the first year of your Leonbergers life, you should be prepared to spend approximately $4,930 and around  $2,105/year every year after that. During the lifetime of your Leonberger, you are likely to spend $25,980. These costs will cover their basic needs and wants. 

Leonberger Genetics And Common Health Problems

You can expect that your Leonberger may suffer from bloating. This is where your stomach twists and there is gas trapped inside.

Leonberger Puppy Growth Chart

This may sound like a small matter, but bloating can be detrimental to your dog, so you should know the signs. These are restlessness, drooling, nausea, and enlarged abdomen.

Many owners of dogs that are at risk for bloating use preventative measures like surgically tacking the abdominal wall through surgery. Your dog may also suffer from joint-related issues because of his size.

Final Words

Leonbergers are known to shed a lot, so you will need to spend money on grooming if you don’t intend to do it yourself.

They need to be brushed every day especially in certain areas of their body which are prone to matting up. Their coats are thick and full so many brushes are not able to access their undercoat.

Ensure that you are taking care of their grooming properly, or you may need to take them to a professional.

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